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Zubaan is a 2015 Indian musical drama film written and directed by Mozez Singh. The film is the coming of age story of a young boy (Vicky Kaushal) who loses his faith and develops a fear of music and his journey in fighting that fear and thus finding himself.

Zubaan Reviews

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


The writing is patchy, with Kaushal not coming off as striking as he was in ‘Masaan’ : he’s good yes, he makes us watch, yes, but is already familiar.

Raja Sen


Zubaan emerges, sadly, like one of those ads where you can half-hum the song but you forget what it was for...

Rohit Vats
Hindustan Times


Zubaan is one of the better music-based films in the last couple of years, and will make for a quite a movie experience. Don’t miss it if you can help it.

Reviewer Profile
Deccan Chronicle


The first half is crisp and the story moves smoothly, but during the second half the story moves a bit too fast leaving the audience confused. The direction is good but the editing is not up to the mark.

Zubaan stretches itself too thin at times in trying to raise its narrative tempo. In its quieter moments, however, it does manage to get its voice heard. Watch it for the latter bits - and for Vicky Kaushal.

Mohar Basu
Times Of India


Zubaan might test your patience but it is heartbreaking in parts. Luckily, the melodrama is kept at bay even when the protagonist finds himself divided between materialism and mirth.

Despite the markedly unoriginal scenes and predictable story, “Zubaan” might have been a coherent film if the director wasn’t so confused. As it stands though, this is a film that cannot overcome its split-personality disorder.

Sarita Tanwar
DNA India


Zubaan is lovingly rendered sweet indie film about the spirit of reinvention. Celebrate it.

Zubaan is an uneven ride that appeals partially. It is the stellar performances by its cast that truly make it stand out.

ZUBAAN comes across as a magnificent masterpiece of the recent times. Strong performances and extremely relatable screenplay will surely bring the audiences to witness the film that speaks about love, ambition, trust, faith and betrayal.


At 118 minutes duration, this unconventional story is crisp and the first half steals the show. The second half is slow in parts and the end is a tad rushed. The film reiterates the point that you have to move out of your comfort zone to find your true calling – something we all should take note of…

The film holds a lot of promise but doesn’t really live up to it. A more clear-minded script as well as a steadier hand at direction would have done wonders to this film. However, Singh scores as he makes soul stirring music (composed by Ashutosh Phatak) an intrinsic part of the film.

Subhash K Jha


There are passages in Zubaan where we see the director’s vision of an individual held ransom by his ambitions, and we are shaken in a rejuvenating way. Zubaan is an exhilarating journey of self-discovery, and far far more accomplished work that this week’s other release Prakash Jha’s Jai Gangaajal.

Komal Nahta
Komal Nahta's Blog


Zubaan is a well-made and well-enacted film but its commercial prospects are poor because at the end of it all, it appears as an exercise in futility and without purpose.

That's probably the biggest fault of the film - it does not pause - for inspiration, emotion or enlightenment to dawn on the characters. It quickly races to the finish line, hoping the viewers fill in the blanks and figure out transformation.Verdict: you can skip it! 

Manisha Lakhe


You come away with mixed feelings even though you really loved the idea of 'tumhari zubaan kuch keh rahi hai...'.

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