• The story will have an instant connect with the older audience. Chaudhuri cleverly uses action sequences to keep one gripped. He takes a mythological story and presents it as an all out action flick, which is educational and enjoyable for kids and adults alike. Yudhveer Bakoliya lends his voice to Arjun, while Vijay Kashyap’s Shakuni Mama is less scheming and adds comic relief.Let your kids absorb the story, while you can marvel at this step forward for the Indian animation film industry. It’s a great way to have fun while you learn.

  • Watch if you must, go expecting nothing. You might just enjoy Ishaqzaade.

  • Dangerous Ishhq is like watching a Dr Brian Weiss book in 3D, after about 30 pages, it gets monotonous and uninteresting.

    There’s only so much curiosity you can have in somebody else’s life. By the end of the ordeal you wish to be treated to a past life regression theory to find out what was it that drew you to it.

    The first line was a ploy to make you read the full review. Go curse your karma now.

  • Fatso is a romantic comedy with lots of romance and only sporadic comedy. Not exactly the best bet to throw your weight behind this weekend.

  • Even though there’s so much going for GOW I, there’s something always amiss, something that leaves you underwhelmed after all those expectations. May be it’s a hope of a dashing GOW II. Let’s wait and watch.

  • May be Priyadarshan should stick to mindless comedies, so we can be sure we’re in safe territory. You won’t be missing much if you skipped Tezz.

  • Gattu scores high on the emotional quotient. It leaves you with a smile on your face.

  • Run to the nearest theatre and surrender yourself to the charm of Vicky and his team. This “Aryaputra” provides only good quality sperm…err… entertainment.

  • So why should you watch Bittoo Boss? You can see it’s made with love. The intention is honest and debutant director Supavitra Babul’s vision of an entertainer (under parental guidance) comes through.The real fun begins when Bittoo takes to making ‘billu fillums’ in a Shimla guesthouse. Even though the film wanders, with the first and second half almost disconnected, it is an earnest attempt. When it’s not trying too hard to impress, Bittoo Boss is worth at least a onetime watch.

  • Blood Money’s trailer gives out the film in 2.05 minutes. And if those posters of Kunal Khemu in the pool with a bunch of babes are stimulating enough to drag you to the theatre, think twice.The lead pair salvages the film to an extent, but a limited scope of the script binds them both from making it an entertaining trip. The out of sync sound in many scenes makes Blood Moneytechnically unstable. Add to all this innumerable songs. Wait for Blood Money’s television premier. Or else, watch the trailer. Why waste 2.5 hours on something you can watch in 2.05 minutes.

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