• Agent Vinod is smartly put together and works because of Saif. That is enough reason for you to go watch it.

  • Released only a few days after Valentine’s Day, clearly to cash in on extended revelries, Ekk Tha Deewana may draw in the crowd. But it’ll still remain only a tiresome journey of a couple in love.

    A simple and sweet story treated badly. Skip. Simple.

  • When was the last time you took a long walk with your husband/wife? Talked about the natural beauty you saw around? About young children who’d soon grow up to become responsible individuals? Or just went up to an estranged friend and repented for being a rogue?

  • The boys are a fun lot but not fun enough to keep you entertained throughout. Skip this adda and pick up a DVD of Pyaar Ka Punchnama instead.

  • If adventure is your thing, go on, have a good laugh but don’t complain you weren’t warned.

  • What could have been an entertaining and perky comedy turns out to be silly and unbearable even in the first half. A total waste of resources, watch Loot at your own risk.

  • Let’s talk about the story. Your character is in a relationship with Shikha (Purbi Joshi) for five years. Isn’t that too long a time to suffer a “possessive, nagging” girlfriend?

  • Hema Malini chooses to direct similar emotionally-charged scenes on loop, this time in Turkey. The cinematography here is breathtaking but unfortunately not enough to keep you hooked.

  • My Friend Pinto is one happy, no-frills film that’s sure to make you smile. As one of the characters rightly says, a smile is what we need the most sometimes. Recommended.

  • For those (which, I assume, is a lot of us), who may not be able to afford a holiday in Spain for any time soon, go catch ZNMD for good performances, music, Spain and of course, Farhan Akhtar in his element.

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