• An honest film made on a difficult subject like this is rare to find. Not many in the Bollywood factory would want to touch a subject like this. Do yourself a favour – watch Shahid, you will come out enriched!

  • There is so much confusion in this comedy of errors that the film’s characters are mouthing lines such as “yeh kya ho raha hai, mujhe kuch samajh nahin aa raha, it’s getting complicated.” Exactly how you feel while watching Baat Bann Gayi! The end credits roll to say a film by Shuja Ali and team while you are thinking baat kuch bani nahi.

  • There is little thought put into coming up with even a decent screenplay. The dialogue is full of cliches and the acting of the cast is tacky.

    Super Model is a piece of fiction that is too much for anybody to handle. As audience you are left asking: What the hell is happening here?

  • In the end, it is one man who carries the film and that man is Chandan Roy Sanyal. It is delight to see this young actor, so far restricted to playing supporting characters in mainstream films become the mainstay of this well-made, independent film. Prague is a destination worth exploring.

  • The film is worth more than a few laughs. More because of the way the director spoofs Bollywood’s tried and tested conventions and the jokes he cracks at the expense of an industry he is only too familiar with.

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