• Hansal Mehta’s direction touches a raw nerve and makes you embrace the film wholeheartedly. Aligarh is based on real life incidents that makes it a compelling watch. The actors have given their career best performances and the story is so touching and inspiring! All in all, Aligarh is a must watch!

  • Titli isn’t a run-of-the-mill Bollywood film designed merely for the purpose of delivering entertainment. It poses questions, lays bare uncomfortable truths, and delivers sledgehammer blows.

  • Reiterating the point that Krish has taken Tollywood a step higher with his meaningful films, his Kanche is another movie from him that touches the lives and makes us wonder if we have really grown as a society from the past 70 years.

  • Even the subtlest of emotions are sought to be conveyed via over-the-top means. In the din that the film generates, love is given a bad name and sent to the gallows. And that isn’t the ideal recipe for a film yearning for a generous shower of pyaar at the box office.

  • Talvar is a compelling piece of cinema. Not to be missed.

  • …the film has the look, feel and charm of a bygone era.

  • Overall, it is a treat to watch Manjhi – The Mountain Man. It is a great film. You empathise with him, but unfortunately you don’t get emotionally involved. Probably the roots are too rural or there is something missing.

  • On the whole, I would suggest, even if you get a free ticket for Himmatwala, please do not take the risk and give it a big miss. Honestly, I still can’t believe that I’m in my fine senses after watching the nonsensical Himmatwala.

  • Shah Rukh Khan has moved away from his typical image yet again after Swades. He breathes life into the character and fits the role to a t. It’s a treat to watch the Baadshah do something so drastically different, in the process successfully convincing the viewers.

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