• With a child protagonist, I Am Kalam gives an important message particularly to the adult audience on how every child has a basic right for education and to live his dream.

  • Bhindi Baazaar incorporates strong performances and smart storytelling to make a regular story riveting. Worth a watch!

  • This certainly is one of those old ‘spirits’ in new bottle!

  • Turning 30 is more of a monotonous look on midlife-crisis than a coming-of-age cinema.

  • Rensil D’Silva makes a confident debut with his taut grip on the subject and confident direction. Of the few loose ends, Riyaaz’s quest to deal with the terrorists without any help from the cops looks both, needlessly heroic and unpersuasive. Also it seems quite improbable that the terrorists do not learn his identity till the climax though he is a popular television reporter. Though the lovemaking song between Saif and Kareena is sensually shot, it is employed to corny effect.

  • Yamla Pagla Deewana employs formula but doesn’t get formulaic. It has action and comedy but doesn’t get slapstick. It brings together the Deols but not without a story. This one is an entertainer and not without a reason.

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