• Shahid Kapoor gives his heart and soul to the role, though the converse of it is not true.

  • So when almost everything about the film is wrong, you are still not supposed to question anything. A general viewer reaction to the mediocrity of this film was ‘what else do you expect from a film like this?’ So with the frequent flow of such unapologetically self-proclaimed mindless action films, our basic expectations are so downsized that even distasteful dishes have turned easily edible.

  • Policegiri meets with the prerequisites of the ‘tired’ and tested genre. Remake a South film. Overdo the action. Have a police protagonist. But for a genre that demands a topless torso, a paunchy protagonist is visibly misfit.

  • Aurangzeb had the potential to be a much better film. Alas it only comes across as a TV serial sans the melodrama!

  • The direction by the duo of Kirshan Baadal is consistently awful and so are the performances. Payal Rohatgi (the only identifiable face in the cast) seems on a hugging spree and only bores. Sangram Singh can’t act for nuts and bears a constant lost expression throughout. Rahul Minz is extremely irritating. Jameel Khan hams. And who cares for Rakhi Sawant’s yawn-inducing item song in the era of Chikni Chamelis.

  • The scares in GHOST are inadequate and ineffectual. One expected so much more from the scary movie.

  • The film essentially had in it to be a humble entertainer but it’s unfortunate that the potential couldn’t be tapped appropriately. So Shakal Pe Mat Ja… apni akal lagaa.

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