• The BFG is by no means Spielberg’s best work. In fact, it probably won’t even make the top ten. But that’s not because it’s bad, or even mediocre – it’s just that over the course of 4 decades and dozens of great films, Steven Spielberg – with his friends cinematographer Janusz Kaminski, editor Michael Kahn and composer John Williams – has spoilt us.

  • Now You See Me 2 is, in many ways, exactly the sort of sequel everyone dreads: Needless, uninspired and empty. Even with expectations in check, it somehow manages to disappoint. Like its flamboyant heroes, it relies on the notion that you are too dumb to notice illusion from reality.

  • As with most horror, The Conjuring 2 is also very participatory. Those looking for a good time will probably convince themselves that a few scenes are scarier than they really are. It’ll play well at midnight screenings, horror movie marathons, and other situations where there is no option but to have a great time. But something tells me that its appeal will be restricted to only the most hardcore fans of the first film. Without an emotional core to latch on to, everyone else will probably be left underwhelmed.

  • The ‘star’ voices help to fob off boredom. But there is not much here to sustain your interest even if you like the thought of an angry bird and his friends saving the animal kingdom from destruction. Who saves this film from cocky inertia?

  • This one is a perfect choice for a movie night with the entire family. Your dad and mom will enjoy it for the commentary it makes on society and its illogical prejudices, all the while cracking witty jokes on animal puns. Your kids will love it for the adorable animation and the thrill of an adventure while you will love it for both of these things.

  • The film is all over the board stylistically and tonally, and the elements of both horror and comedy fall flat. By the climax you’re almost forgotten what you’re watching and who you’re supposed to care about.

  • It all makes for an enthralling story about how far government, industry and individuals might go to uphold what they believe is right.

  • Madhavan is brilliant as the coach who may have missed the bus but now wants to live his dream through his protégé. Ritika delivers in her debut as the expressive Madhi. The fact that she is trained in MMA comes across in the fight scenes.

    However, the film’s weak script and treatment lets them down. There are no nail-biting scenes and the drama inside the ring is also lacking. The film may be on boxing but it lacks the punches.

  • If nothing else, this reboot of the Transporter franchise should do wonders for Audi sales, not to mention car safety. Every passenger who sets foot in the tricked-out, gleaming German automobile driven by the titular character is immediately ordered to fasten their seat belt. It’s sound advice, because The Transporter Refueled is a cinematic bumpy ride.

  • Ultimately, spending time with these people is pleasant, lived-in, honest and even thought-provoking. And when the dialogue stops, there’s a fun, golden not-too-oldies live music soundtrack to hum along with too.

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