• All in all Tevar is a well executed masala flick minus any Bollwood’s cliché elements. This over 140-minutes drama won’t disappoint you.

  • Ugly” is a beautiful portrayal of the squalidity that swamps the human soul. The characters are ruthless, dark, desperate and dangerous, more to themselves than others.
    This is a thriller which leaves us with a sense of utter futility about the quality of life that we lead.

  • Now while its storyline is fascinating, PK has ample surprises which unfold layer by layer remarkably. But one thing, which needs to be made clear is that PK is not a out an out comedy-caper as its trailer and songs have hinted towards yet carrying the same thought-process while stepping into the theatres won’t disappoint you. While there is a serious subject Rajkumar Hirani is dealing with and his ways of presenting the entire issue turns out to be humorous.

  • …being a revenge saga, the movie could have been more intense and gripping. The movie lacks the provocative element that could entice us to join the big man seeking retribution. Moreover, the action scenes could have been refined as watching Rajinikanth doing similar sort of stunts is at times tedious.

  • Cleverly written screenplay, brilliant dialogues and wise performance, Zed Plus rolls in all into a good film, which despite being different from reality is relevant to the political and social system of the country.

  • Happy Ending not entirely hit bang on this new developed saying but definitely takes a dig on movies, which are deemed to be non-sensible just to satisfy the ‘entertainment’ lust of the audience who doesn’t bother to put much brains to find logics.
    A light-hearted yet a satirical take are what director duo of Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K. keep in their mind before they begin with Happy Ending and yes they succeed in giving us an end product.

  • Now, don’t be fooled by its deja-vu premise. Kill Dil has innovation with its altered screenplay and execution. Yes, the logics take a back seat here but not to an extent that spoils the flow. The director mostly uses the dialogues and his character, the blend of which helps in making this movie entertaining.

  • The fantasy for beautiful ladies never fades it doesn’t matter how old one man grows. The Shaukeens displays the unending fantasy of the male fraternity in a light-hearted manner which is self-deprecating.

  • Indra Kumar’s ‘Super Nani’ is made with lot of heart and emotions but despite its strong subject it hardly touches our soul. The movie’s biggest weakness is its predictability and over melodrama which worked two decades back when family drama movies were most served in Bollywood.

  • Despite its three hours long drama, the movie rarely bores you with these two romancing while Abhishek, Boman, Sonu and Vivaan giving an impeccable contribution in fun. The action sequences have been worked upon and once set it is deemed to give you goosebumps.
    Performances of all creates a massive impact . As said before Shah Rukh Khan’s screen presence is a major relief for us.

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