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Zed Plus is a story set in contemporary India in a small town of Rajasthan. A coalition Government, troubled by corruption and communalism, is on the verge of collapsing due to fights within the coalition partners. All the ministers are making efforts to save the Government, but still it appears that the Government will fall.Wikipedia

Zed Plus Reviews

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


Zed Plus turns out to be a mildly engaging but overall patchy attempt at political satire from the man who gave us the memorable Doordarshan serial Chanakya. Chandra Prakash Dwivedi still has the touch, but is not consistent, and a lot of the story-telling gets drowned in obviousness.


The film isn't bad, it is definitely not unwatchable- but with actors like Adil Hussain, KK Raina playing key roles, one hoped to be awestruck or overwhelmed. Sadly, 'Zed Plus' doesn't leave you with any such feeling.

Zed Plus may not be perfect but it doesn’t insult your intelligence like most Friday fare.


The subject matter could have been interesting but it is mired in tedious, very boring, rural and regional cliches that audiences have already seen, so many times.

“Zed Plus” isn’t a frighteningly boring or stupid movie; it has its moments and most actors manage to effectively carry their roles. But the film is marred by a conspicuous absence of logic at crucial points. It remains, till the end, just marginally more engaging than your average Bollywood flick.


You are in for a treat if you forgive the rather silly premise. Writers Ramkumar Singh and Chandra Prakash Dwivedi have created a vivid picture of a vibrant village society, where everyone knows each other inside out. The film was shot entirely on location in Mandawa, a heritage village near Jaipur and hence the milieu feels authentic. The look of the actors too is real and not the uber villager get up that we see in big budget masala entertainers. The dialogue hit home with their earthy humour. It was nice to hear idioms after a long, long time in films.


ZED PLUS is a must-watch....without trying too hard Dr. Chandraprakash Dwivedi, of 'Chanakya' and PINJAR fame, belts out a classic without straining his, or any of his actors' vocal chords.

The film does manage to raise chuckles and has its moments, but the deliberate exaggeration for repeated comic effect ends up making the assorted characters into caricatures. Things are in-your-face and nothing is left to the audience’s imagination.

Subhash K Jha


You may not agree with the cheeky politics of Zed Plus. But you can’t deny its integrity warmth and humour.

Johnson Thomas
The Free Press Journal


‘Zed Plus’ is a highly engaging attempt at socio-political satire with humour laden benefits all along the route. The script has its sublime moments. Unfortunately the plotting is not altogether believable.

Komal Nahta
Komal Nahta's Blog


On the whole, Zed Plus is a political satire which is well-made and which has some truly fine performances but as far as its commercial prospects are concerned, they are almost nil because the film will find appreciation among a very thin minority, referred to as the high gentry audience in a handful of big cities only.

Zed Plus is one of the films that is difficult to review. You would not want to say too much, and you would not like to say too little. It is a film that makes you laugh, makes you think and the leaves you with a smile. It is one of the better satires that have come out from Bollywood. If you are sharp enough to get the subtle hints you would enjoy it more so. Watch it!

India Glitz


Zed Plus isn’t a bad film and it’s a light hearted move over the off repeated b-town regular potboilers but we expected some depth and cinematic statement from the talented Chandra Prakash Dwivedi’s comeback after the brilliant ‘Pinjar’.

Bollywood Life


Zed Plus is that precious work of art where every actor and technician gets into the correct mood without caring about who’s watching.Tongue wedged firmly in cheek, Chandraprakash Dwivedi delivers a trenchant and ticklish comment on present-day politics where individuals get sucked into exploitative politics more by will than force.

It's worth a watch for the intent, the unique story, powerhouse performances and bits of genuine humour. After all, who doesn't like a biting parody, even if you wish it were sharper.

Rahul Desai
Mumbai Mirror


After the admirable Dekh Tamasha Dekh, Zed Plus - directed by Dr CP Dwivedi (Chanakya, Pinjar)-is another largely uncompromised and well-crafted example this year. What works in its favour is the primary thread of an ordinary man in an extraordinary situation.

Audience Reviews for Zed Plus

  • Rohit
    1 review

    I personally feel Zed Plus is a classic, breezy, rib-tickling & meaningful Political satire that has come like a whiff of fresh air amidst the superficial potboilers that we are being subjected to watch these days and is a must watch for all real Cine-Maa lovers. If you have a penchant for good cinema and brilliantly made Political Satires, don't even dare to miss this one. This one is bound to bring smiles to your faces.

    November 29, 14