• All things considered, Sex Tape is a film you can watch on a lazy evening with friends. The stories, the remarks and the hilarity that ensues among your group will make you laugh harder than any joke in the film. However, if you go in expecting a saucy rom-com, you’re going to be disappointed.

  • Dolphin Tale 2 is a film aimed at a very specific age group and for them, it works. It has just the right amount of drama to keep young viewers entertained, without ever weighing them down. To add to this, the animals and their interaction with the humans are bound to please them enough to keep them entertained. Everyone older than 12, however, might be let down by the emotional manipulation and the unoriginal plot.

  • If you are a fan of romantic dramas, you might enjoy If I Stay. Watch the film if you want to watch a cliched romance that lacks much plot development. Everyone else might want to skip this one.

  • A Bollywood masala flick that just isn’t masaledaar enough. Watch Raja Natwarlal for the performances. Though the film is nothing to write home about, the actors’ wonderful portrayals make it worth watching. Additionally, this movie is a nice break from all the heavy-duty action films that have been ruling the box office lately. If you’re looking for something different, watch Raja Natwarlal. However, don’t go in expecting too much, unless you want to be disappointed.

  • A film with potential, not all of which is fulfilled…the film for everyone who enjoys end-of-the-world movies. The visuals are noteworthy, albeit criminally underused. Additionally, Into the Storm tries to do something unconventional with a tried-and-tested premise and succeeds to an extent.

  • Lekar Hum Deewana Dil is a film best enjoyed with someone special. You might find yourself relating to more than just a few of the incidents in the film. Though it’s certainly not a film worth writing home about, the film might make for a good one-time watch on a lazy Sunday.

  • If, for some reason, you like action movies that aren’t too violent, you might enjoy 3 Days to Kill. Additionally, the dynamics between Steinfeld and Costner makes parts of the movie sweet and amusing. If you’re a fan of either, you might want to check out the movie – if only for their performances.

  • If you enjoy campy sci-fi or action movies, Battle of the Damned is right up your alley. Blood, guts and over-the-top dialogue make it an entertaining watch for fans of the genre. However, if you’re actually looking for a good apocalyptic movie to watch, this film isn’t for you.

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