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Satyagraha is a Bollywood political thriller film directed by Prakash Jha starring Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgn, Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Manoj Bajpai, Amrita Rao and Vipin Sharma in the lead roles. Kareena Kapoor will play the role of an international journalist. Wikipedia

Satyagraha Reviews


It may be coming from a good place, but it doesn't know where it's going.

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


...the end is chaos, very far from the non-violent satyagrah that the film propounds: gun-toting hooligans and cops run around the town, ending predictably in noble deaths and lectures on morality and goodness.

Khalid Mohamed
Deccan Chronicle


Without a doubt, Prakash Jha -- a perennial political complaint box -- offers nothing new either by way of content or style. How you’d like insights and information, from him, which you don’t know already. That would amount to excellent cinema, and not just one more star-fuelled trip into a political void. Suggestion: avoid.

Anupama Chopra


If good intentions were enough to make good movies, Satyagraha would be a masterpiece. Prakash Jha is one of the few directors in Bollywood who has consistently championed political cinema. His rage at the rotten state of the system has simmered through his movies for nearly three decades. But from the National Award-winning Damul in 1984 to Satyagraha, his stories have become increasingly simplistic, star-driven and heavy-handed.

Producer-director Prakash Jha has his heart in the right place as he once again chooses a topic -- in this film's case corruption -- that is singeing the country more than anything else today but delivers a potion that is but a terrible hodgepodge of Arakshan, Rajneeti and Gangaajal.

Parts of Satyagraha make perfect sense but, on the whole, it never comes close to clicking into top gear. It leaves you more disappointed than angry.

Srijana Mitra Das
Times Of India


Showing true Satyagraha has no short-cuts, it also shows solutions glimmering ahead, as ephemeral, yet powerful as a rainbow cleansing the dust.

India Today


"Satygraha" conveys the uncontrollable anger and energy of a nation on the brink. For telling it like it is and for creating a compelling film out of the raw material of present-day corruption, the film deserves a standing ovation.


... a weightless film that leaves by a transitory impact on its audiences. Wasting the enigma of such talented bunch of actors, the film with its overbearing story and its erratically structured plot lacks the much needed blaze. Emerging as a warped product of political correctness with an unconvincing climax, somehow the entire product had the stench of unbearable staleness. It wasn’t a terrible film, just not the promising Prakash Jha venture you might have wanted to watch.

Taran Adarsh
Bollywood Hungama


SATYAGRAHA is an all-engrossing, compelling drama that mirrors the reality around us. In fact, it's yet another brilliant addition to Prakash Jha's credible repertoire, who has created some of the most politically momentous motion pictures. For the splendid drama and the electrifying dramatic highs, I suggest you must watch this hard-hitting fare. Absolutely recommended!

Sachin Chatte
The Navhind Times


Getting out of the hole that you dig can become very difficult when you mix real life events and fiction and the film flounders in the climax. While there are a few poignant points and moments on the face of it but if you dig deeper there are plenty of flaws in the screenplay.

Rummana Ahmed
Yahoo! India


Prakash Jha’s films tend to be didactic but the unnecessary inclusion of a romantic track just dilutes the essence of the film instead of providing some much-needed respite. The director needs to realize that playing to the gallery isn’t always possible. ‘Satyagraha’ is well intentioned but the effect remains superfluous.


While the movie does invoke in you some feelings, you do feel cheated that it does not attempt to answer the bigger question.

More whimpering than a roar, this movie unfortunately induced yawns instead of any feeling of rebellion.


Satyagraha is neither compelling, nor gripping. Unlike Jha's other hard-hitting political dramas, this one is too light and monotonous. The movie goes on and on with a poor script, at times testing your patience. Nothing can spare you in Satyagraha, until it concludes and you get a breather finally!


Unfortunately, Jha’s revolution this time round ends up unforgivably long, inadequately scripted and way too superficial to merit applause.Yes, there are moments of optimism, but those are far too few to evoke any real passion.

Audience Reviews for Satyagraha

  • Sandeep Gupta
    Sandeep Gupta
    94 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    May be Parakash Jha thought picking a sensitive subject like anti-corruption movement, signing few great actors, making them speechifying their dialogs, put some usual masala will be good enough to steer the audience in theaters. He did not realize, it would require a tense and dark atmosphere and well synchronized story telling to make the kind of impact that audience were expecting when they enter into the theaters on first day itself. Movie delves into too many issues and ends up finding no solution for anything. Obviously many scenes touch but disappointing thing is those scenes were having potential to tear you apart and it was never tried. The movie remains a dramatic presentation of Anna Hazaare Jan Lokpal Movement. Manoj Bajpayee is outstanding. Amitabh does not miss a beat. Ajay Devgn seems committed but not in top form. Amrita Rao is average. Kareena Kapoor is being wasted. Why she has to look best of herself in every scene? Romance between her and Ajay Devgn is forced and out of the context. I did expect some volcanic emotional eruptions and ended up lighting few more candles.

    September 04, 13