• From start to finish, Sulu resembles someone we have all seen in our life. Someone that Vidya brings to screen like no other could have and someone we’ll see in a different light now onwards. If English Vinglish gave housewives an identity, Tumhari Sulu breathes life into their existence.

  • At a time when Bollywood is journeying away from the usual potboilers, a film like Ribbon is more than welcome. It addresses subjects that Bollywood and even parents sometimes shy away from addressing to their children. So even if the film is a little bland and a little uneven per se, Ribbon makes for a better watch than most of the no-brainers today.

  • Newton is a winner and celebration in more ways than one. The dark comedy asks questions that Bollywood usually shies away from, it takes to its own stride the social-political scenario and holds a mirror to the times we live in. The slow pace, in fact, only adds to the charm of the film.

  • If you’re a Tendulkar worshipper, you were probably sold at the first poster itself. But nevertheless, the docudrama will be a treat for you. It’ll be like a nostalgia ride, one for the good, wherein you’ll find yourself smiling, sighing and sobbing along with Tendulkar.

  • The narrative develops at a slow pace yet maintains a crisp thrill all throughout. It keeps you invested but doesn’t take you in as much as you’d expect and would like it to. Also, the nonchalant background score makes it a tad bit difficult to keep your attention from wavering.

  • For a generation that has probably been devoid of fine musicals, this one comes as a breath of fresh air. The movie buffs who’ve an inclination towards this kind of artistic cinema will fall in love with Damien’s work instantaneously for the simple reason that it sweeps you into a dreamy world of romance and makes you feel nostalgic for Hollywood’s bygone era. La La Land reveals as much as it conceals – has just the right mix of realism and imagination.

  • Though it’s a worthwhile watch in every regard, the brilliant performances alone can be the reason for one to make time for this one!

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