• The film is largely gripping. The subject is well chosen and creates an awareness about our heroic tax officials. It will make for an entertaining, educating watch this weekend, however, I wish it dealt with it a tad more seriously.

  • The only grouch I have is a couple of songs and scenes that pace down the film and make it a bit lengthy. A sharper edit could have made it even more exciting, but that shouldn’t stop you from watching 3 Storeys.

  • To give its due, the film is song less, doesn’t resort to the usual Bollywood nonsense of item numbers and is relatively tighter. A seamless smarter integration of its sub plots and a reasoned out story would have made Ittefaq far slicker!! 

  • Secret Superstar is a bit unbelievable, like Insia’s video getting 30 million views. I mean yeh kuch jyada ho gaya…but these are minor hiccups in an otherwise beautiful film. Go watch it with family this Diwali.

  • Bareilly Ki Barfi is a delicious film brilliantly narrated in Javed Akhtar’s voice. If you are not doing anything this weekend, go watch it. If you are already engaged, please cancel your engagements and go and watch it.

  • Despite all my empathy towards victims, a small part of me debated if taking law into your hands is the right thing to do or even promote, in a film. The minor boy who rapes his classmate is also raped in jail. Isn’t that tragic too? But Mom is not Pink. It’s not a commentary on society’s patriarchal mindset or on an immediate need of gender equality. It is an emotional story of a mother getting even with a bunch of criminals.

  • A Death In The Gunj is one of the most sensitive films ever made. It made me think about my childhood and my family. It makes you look around and see if you have deserted a loved one, especially when someone tried to reach out to you in their vulnerable times. I felt a knot in my stomach, fought tears as I walked to the parking lot, couldn’t sleep for next two nights and made sure I checked on my family and friends regularly. 
    I don’t think I can ever say it enough, but please watch the movie whenever you get an opportunity; on the internet, on a plane or most deservedly on the big screen. 

  • Noor is not path breaking cinema. But it’s not regressive as well. It tries too hard man. But it has some well-written scenes too. It gets unnecessarily lengthy. But it does have a message at the end. Yeah, a message that comes after much drama and deliberation.

  • Dangal outdoes Chak De India, only because it’s based on a real story. A ‘poor’ father in Haryana resolves to train his ‘daughters’ in a patriarchal society fighting all odds is indeed inspiring. What’s even more beautiful is the film’s treatment. Not even once it melodramatizes Mahavir’s poverty or his struggles. Its subtle treatment makes Dangal a must watch. So please watch!

  • MS Dhoni is yet another safe, simple, decently directed, decently enacted, never-ending ode to Dhoni without any crisis to deal with. Watch it only if you are a Mahi fan.

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