• The film is largely shot in London. Hashtag International Embarrassment!! You wonder where the money comes from that the franchise is now in its fourth international sequel? Well there were twelve other people who decided to begin their Friday mornings watching Hate Story IV. You figure now, how?! 

  • In short, if wife slandering jokes that you get on whatsapp are your thing, you would roll in laughter. Else maintain a safe distance from it.

  • If you were aware of 1921, my sympathies. If you weren’t, the ignorance is indeed bliss.

  • Golmaal Again is packed with so many sub-plots that at one point, you may find yourself losing track of what the core is all about. But clearly, the writer’s intention is not to convince you. The lead stars have enough chemistry and charisma to make you stay put in the theatre and you won’t regret the three hours spent watching this one. 
    If however, you like to take your brains with you to the movies, this Golmaal might not be the way to spend a memorable Diwali.

  • I almost feel the need of a film sorbet. I want to watch Pink again to cleanse the bad taste Bhoomi left me with. Yet I suggest you must go and watch Bhoomi because, no matter how contrived and superficial, it’s a comment on an issue that we all must talk about.   

  • A slicker second half and more insight into Gawli’s transition would have made Daddy a more engaging watch. However Daddy is a realistic movie, watch it if you are a big Arjun Rampal fan. 

  • Toilet: Ek Prem Katha might have sounded great on paper, but loses impact in its telling. The film gets way too loopy and indulgent that I actually heard someone say ‘What crap man!’ aptly summing up a film called Toilet.

  • Dear Nawaz, you don’t need to prove you are a great actor. You just need to choose wise buddy.
    After this ordeal, I want to bleach my eyes, my system with some good movies.

  • Minus the melodrama and manipulation, the film effectively deals with the theme of faith, love and tolerance and it means so much, especially when it comes from the most loved star in the country.  

  • Tapsee Pannu gets a couple of emotional scenes right but her straight-suppress-my-feelings-face gets too monotonous. The film makes unnecessary judgments on civilians and their choices in order to glorify the defense. Err. Not cool! The film has a few beautiful shots of Mumbai, especially the ones shot in an Iranian café, but the overall plot, the execution, the slow pace and the lazy editing make it a rather dull watch.

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