• KI & KA, if it was scripted well, could have made a powerful impact. Unfortunately, there are only a few endearing moments and a few moments like these does not make a good film.

    I’d say there was plenty of CHEENI KUM in this flick!

  • I’m still trying to understand what ROCKY HANDSOME is all about…

  • If you love the Himesh brand of music, good action with a decent plot that engages you till the end, TERAA SUROOR is not a bad option this week.

  • There’s much maara-mari, draamebazi before the film culminates the way you expected it to.

    From a Prakash Jha, much was expected.

  • I’m sorry if you did not understand the story. Neither did I!


  • For youngsters who are looking for something light and romantic, LS would be an apt choice.

  • FITOOR packs in a lot visually (DOP – Anay Goswamy) and held out a promise to be Danielle Steel’s The Promise. However, it remains just that, a promise!

  • …is nowhere in the league of a good sports film, but considering the release it is lined up against this week, it is definitely worth a watch.

  • There are silly jokes and even sillier depictions of them. It’s like all forwarded jokes have been shot separately for laughs; then Milap Zaveri sat in the studio placing them in sequences. He probably might have gotten slapped on the back for his genius by his ‘chelas’. This probably has to be the laziest film put together: No creativity, no originality, overall no class. Even crass can be depicted with a little bit of class. You don’t have to shove ‘beeps’ in front of the camera all the time and lay down those ‘beeps’ on the table where French fries can’t be located! Disgusting!

  • Methinks, if the fun and frolic was cut short and a strategy was displayed between Bheem and is friends to nab Hidambak, it would have been more fun for the kids.

    Having said that, as a one-time watch for kids would not be a bad idea.

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