• PHOBIA is Radhika Apte and Radhika Apte is PHOBIA. This in short sums up the film which rides solely on the performance of this hugely talented actress who in the past three years has been notching up one brilliant performance after another. 

  • The dialogues that stitch the film together are the soul of the film apart from the very realistic portrayal of their respective characters played by Shah and Koelchin. Both are terrific, nay, they gob-smack you with their handling of emotions which oscillates from the sane to insane!

  • Somewhere along the line, when Aryan decides to tackle Gaurav on his own, and meet his parents, the plot loses a bit of its sting. Here is the superstar. He has a lead to the one doing mischief in his name. All he has to do is send the cops on his trail.

    Up until that point, the plot was moving beautifully.

  • KI & KA, if it was scripted well, could have made a powerful impact. Unfortunately, there are only a few endearing moments and a few moments like these does not make a good film.

    I’d say there was plenty of CHEENI KUM in this flick!

  • I’m still trying to understand what ROCKY HANDSOME is all about…

  • …is supple and smooth, with lots of rough edges and highs and lows. It’s a perfect family movie.

  • If you love the Himesh brand of music, good action with a decent plot that engages you till the end, TERAA SUROOR is not a bad option this week.

  • There’s much maara-mari, draamebazi before the film culminates the way you expected it to.

    From a Prakash Jha, much was expected.

  • BOLLYWOOD DIARIES is an honest film with a great connect, and although the build-up gives you that disjointed feeling, it packs a punch towards the end. If there has been a time in your life when you had harbored hopes of being a part of Bollywood, or still wanting to make it big in Bollywood, then this movie is definitely for you.

  • ALIGARH is for a niche audience who love their performances refined. And as far as a performance goes, Bajpayee surprises even himself.

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