• Salman Khan’s Action Thriller is Tough to Endure…

  • Veere Di Wedding looks exactly like a Balaji production, all gloss and glamour and hardly any soul.

  • John Abraham despite all his limitations as an actor is extremely earnest not only in his performance but also in his intention to tell the Pokharan tale. His most honest moment comes towards the end when he breaks down in tears. Boman Irani is a delight to watch. He gives a controlled and classy performance as the PM’s secretary.

    Despite resorting to some very obvious tricks, Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran remains noble in its intention of telling a historic tale that made every Indian proud. It’s a good one time watch.

  • Raazi, besides celebrating Sehmat’s heroism that led to India’s victory in the 1971 war, is an emotionally intelligent film. It makes you question a lot about warring countries and world peace and that’s always a good feeling to walk out with.

  • Omerta is a pain-lashed brutal and blunt exposition on terrorism. It offers no hope for the end of violence. In fact it tells us that violence won’t go away even if we want it to.

  • Adapting the  higher scales  from the musical notes, Majid Majidi’s symphony on the underbelly of Mumbai plays out  at  an impossibly shrill  pitch without  losing  the core cadence. The director is not alone in  pursuing that pitch-perfect shrillness. Ishaan Khattar knows how that is  done.

  • October is not a usual film. We might even question what bonded the two lead characters. Some of the scenes are extremely sluggish. Yet the film moved me to tears multiple times. I am happy filmmakers are taking a chance, not sticking to a format and experimenting bravely.

  • Despite the magnificent build-up in the first half, the second quickly begins to disintegrate, the twists and turns begin to confuse and the jokes get repetitive. It literally “suc…s” out the fun. 

  • The spotlight, therefore, shines entirely on Rani and her journey.  Her acting credentials are impeccable and she lends immense credibility to Naina but let’s just say, Hichki is unable to create the magic that Sidney Poitier created in the British classic To Sir, With Love. However, it’s definitely one that will win over Rani’s fans. 

  • The one thing I look forward to while watching a Neeraj Pandey film is thrill. However, this one left me sitting at the edge of my seat restlessly waiting to gasp. A classic example of a well-intentioned film that isn’t well executed! Watch this one only for honest performances and Sidharth Malhotra’s jaw-dropping good looks.

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