• Thugs of Hindostan is occasionally marred by lazy writing and uninspired direction. It is as its best in the scenes which succeed in capturing the right feelings and emotions. The film’s visceral influence can best be felt in the decisive sequence wherein a major character makes a big sacrifice. Moments like this one can really define a film. Thugs of Hindostan takes giant leaps in action choreography as far as Hindi cinema is concerned. But the film’s CGI & VFX is a major let down which severely hampers the viewing experience. That’s precisely where the Baahubali saga beats all other Indian films hands down.

  • Angrezi Mein Kehte Hain is neither entertaining nor compelling. It is at its best, watchable in parts. Far from a project destined for excellence in cinema, it is rather an excellent example of ordinary filmmaking. 

  • Logan Lucky is not as thrilling as Ocean’s Eleven, but it is an original variation of a typical genre. It probably won’t blow you away, but it will not disappoint you either. 

  • Overall, Te3n is a slow burning thriller made in the vein of classic whodunits but with conscious efforts to neatly package it as a modern day murder mystery. The editing is of the highest quality and immensely adds to the movie’s suspense quotient. Te3n is not meant for causal viewing. For, in case of any lapse in concentration, the viewer will find it quite challenging to follow the narrative. Te3n certainly deserves a better ending but even in its present form it makes for a solid film viewing experience.

  • Overall, Captain America: Civil War proves to be a thoroughly entertaining affair. Clearly, Marvel once again has one upped DC. With the ‘Justice League’ movies lined up, Zack Synder and company have their job cut out if they want to pose any serious challenge to the seemingly unchallengeable ‘Avengers’ franchise. If you thought that Tony Stark’s wry humor was the coolest thing about the franchise, wait till you have seen the young Spidey smart-talk his way out of a tricky situation. Captain America: Civil War is the perfect Hollywood summer blockbuster that will disappoint few. Highly recommended!

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