• Sachin Gupta, the director of the film, is a famed theater director and playwright. PWG is his debut film and somehow, unfortunately, he hasn’t hit the nail with this one! From a content point-of-view, the film is strong. But the fact remains that Bollywood has done-to-death, the stories of “strugglers”.

  • Dedh Ishqiya is a royal affair, one that promises to offer you more than your money’s worth.

    Watch out for Shah’s Nawab act in the film, Bhardwaj, Gulzar and Chaubey’s rustic and raw dialogues, Dixit’s Begum act and her Kathak performance.

  • Aamir Khan isn’t called Mr.Perfectionist for nothing. His role as Sahir, might not be his best act so far, but through Dhoom 3 we get to see him tap dance, do acrobatics, swing on a ring suspended in the air, perform death defying stunts and ride a bike like a boss. One can clearly see the sincere effort that he’s taken to do all of the above with perfection.
    What isn’t impressive?

  • Club 60, could’ve been a good film, if didn’t carry so much emotional baggage. And oh, the oddly placed songs in the film, only add to this film’s misery.

  • Sometimes I wonder why talented actors like Shahid Kapoor do films like R…Rajkumar. I mean the boy has so much potential! He should be doing better films. And then a little voice in my head whispers: “He does such films, because they make money”.

  • There’s this buzz going about that Insidious: Chapter 2 isn’t as scary as it’s predecessor. So, if you’re thinking of walking into a theater, believing that you will be safe as you watch the film, be assured that you’re gearing yourself up for a great surprise.

  • A haunting story that will leave you a maze and make you question morality. A twisted film like this is sure to leave a lasting impression. If you watched The Frozen Ground and thought it was a classy crime-thriller, watch Prisoner’s and you will be numbed. The film is easily one of the most disturbing film’s of the year.

  • If you’re fascinated by the idea of a rustic life, romance and marriage or simply tired of chasing your dreams, watch this film and you will find peace.

  • The film is slow-paced but fruitfully takes it’s own sweet time to build each of its characters. What keeps one engrossed is the narration of State Trooper Jack Halcombe’s (Nicholas Cage) endless and determined search to find evidence against Hansen and his attempts to put him behind bars for good.

  • Most sequels are cursed, they can almost never be at par with the original masterpiece. The same holds true for Kick-Ass 2. However, the film isn’t as disappointing as most sequels turn out to be.

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