• Sachin Gupta, the director of the film, is a famed theater director and playwright. PWG is his debut film and somehow, unfortunately, he hasn’t hit the nail with this one! From a content point-of-view, the film is strong. But the fact remains that Bollywood has done-to-death, the stories of “strugglers”.

  • Club 60, could’ve been a good film, if didn’t carry so much emotional baggage. And oh, the oddly placed songs in the film, only add to this film’s misery.

  • Sometimes I wonder why talented actors like Shahid Kapoor do films like R…Rajkumar. I mean the boy has so much potential! He should be doing better films. And then a little voice in my head whispers: “He does such films, because they make money”.

  • As Morgan Freeman promises in the trailer, it’s true, “The more you think you see, the easier it’ll be to fool you.

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