• The first half of War Chhod Na Yaar has the pitch-perfect tone of a war comedy with some real gems that bind the narrative….All said and done though, this is a start. Hope India’s second war comedy will stick to the brief.

  • …everything it shouldn’t be — dowdy, uninteresting, and clumsy.

  • Formulas in Hindi films, no matter how popular or timeless, have been known to run their course in due time. So it comes as a mild disappointment when a film co-produced by Akhtar, a film that looked so promising on paper, fails to deliver.

  • As I see it, what probably started as an interesting story idea — troubled artists, dynamics in a relationship — eventually got buried under the debris of random motifs from previous hits delivered by the Bhatt camp.

  • Aatma does push the boundaries with some mildly grotesque scenes and better production values.

  • I Me Aur Main falters with its plot, does a mild disservice to the ladies and is unreasonably forgiving of its protagonist. If you can get past that, it’s a film you wouldn’t mind watching once.

  • To put it mildly, Zila Ghaziabad is assembly-line garbage.

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