• If you ask me, you’d do well to just let Johnny escape this weekend and find something actually fun to do instead.

  • If you loved the Gangs of Wasseypur movies, you’ll find Meeruthiya Gangsters engaging in parts. Not a bad attempt at all for a debutant director.

  • Unfortunately, the storytelling in Kaun Kitne Paani Mein uniformly starts out with much force but falls short of realising its potential.

  • Fantastic Four tries really hard to be cool and witty, but the only thing fantastic about it is the way it manages to make superheroes seem unremarkable.

  • Bangistan is eventually reduced to being a satire on the notion of a satire, falling tremendously short of a bang for your buck.

  • Kangana does manage to salvage a scene or two with her now-famous screen presence. But that’s pretty much it. Give this one a miss if you love New Year’s Eve. Or new York. Or both.

  • Like many of its peers, Miss Tanakpur takes off with a great premise but fails to realise its full potential.

  • …strikes as overly verbose and preachy.

  • Dirty Politics represents the same online trolls it resembles — a potential threat given its ability to misguide the masses with its half-baked ideas and smug ignorance.

  • While the background score of the film is as uninspired as its screenplay, the many songs are generic at best.

    Hawaizaada, in the end, is a flight of fancy that fails to take off.

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