• John Day fails as a thriller. I suppose it had a run time of approximately two hours, but it felt more like five.

  • The film also conveniently overlooks the details of Steve Jobs’ life and miserably fails to represent him as a complete person. Had he still been around, Jobs certainly wouldn’t have approved of Jobs.

  • Planes does have its fair share of comic moments and some of the dialogues are especially witty but how far will that take it? Though propped up on the strong, experienced wings of Disney, one is left to wonder if Planes would have enough strength of its own to successfully take off.

  • Bajaate Raho had a whole lot of potential. Sadly, not all of it was realised.

  • D-Day has all the right ingredients that make it a memorable film.

  • Shorts is a welcome change from the usual Friday fare but it isn’t quite there yet.

    Nevertheless, it does leave one with some very powerful images and is worth a shot.

  • Well shot, with laudable performances from Neil Nitin Mukesh and Ameesha Patel, Shortcut Romeo makes up for loose ends and bizarre twists in the plot by means of sheer masala power.

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