• The Perfect Girl has caused a crater to form on my desk because I keep hitting my head against it as I recount this less than perfect slow poison of a film to you.

  • … in its present form, Jaanisaar is a test of endurance.

    A film that helped me discover that dark space between frustration and boredom, Jaanisaar would have been a more honest work of art if it were titled Jaanleva.

  • It could very well be the most unremarkable Hollywood film of the year; a complete waste of time.

  • Despite strong performances, Aisa Yeh Jahaan fails to engage due to its shaky storyline and scattered plot.

    It is a half-baked attempt to create something beautiful.

  • The Gallows will probably appeal to high schoolers at a sleepover. For the rest of us, a rewatch of The Blair Witch Project will have to suffice.

  • Too long to keep its audience glued, Minions could have been a much better watch were it Minion sized.

  • Bezubaan Ishq is pure drivel…

  • Welcome 2 Karachi could have done better had it invested in a good VFX guy. We’ve seen better special effects when it comes to bomb blasts and sea storms on CID.

    Somebody needs to take this monstrosity to the cutting room floor and chop it up like nobody’s business.

    Somebody also needs to put actual musicians at the helm of the sound department.

  • Lost in a world of its own, the film forgets to engage the viewer. The makers of the film might need to offer free tea at the screenings to give the audience an incentive to stay awake.

    The kindest thing I can say about Ishqedarriyaan is that it is yawn worthy.

  • The visuals are pleasant. The acting is good. The story is good enough. But not one factor in the film pushes itself beyond this line, towards greatness.

    For a film with such immense potential, Tomorrowland plays it too safe.

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