• A fitting tribute to the lady who made jazz and the blues both interesting and accessible to a generation that couldn’t comprehend Miles Davis or Dinah Washington, Amy will make you wonder why we are so critical of icons we swear to love.

  • … is a refreshingly, brutally honest film which ends up making the tiny mistake of adding an emotional, clichéd ending.

    Although certain scenes in the film could have been infinitely more powerful had the background score been stronger, one must laud Bose’s use of deafening silence and Laila’s wails in a scene at the hospital towards the end of the film.

  • Paddington is a heart-warming family story but it ultimately succumbs to the Disney template with a happy ending that’s unbearably sweet.

    Paddington also imparts practical life lessons in a way that is neither patronising nor insulting to the intelligence of kids.

  • A film as strongly scripted and impeccably executed as The Theory of Everything will be remembered for longer than Stephen Hawking’s estimate of the end of time.

  • Big Eyes easily evokes a mix of fascination and empathy and you just can’t stop looking…Big Eyes is big on spunk and sure to be a big hit.

  • …the most unspectacular in the series and it makes you thank your stars that it is the last one.

  • The film will obviously find a loyal audience in the urban youth who, upon finding no respite in television, have turned to the internet for some Hinglish entertainment they can connect with.

    Finally an unpretentious indie, Sulemani Keeda, simply put, is by the filmis, of the filmis, and for everyone.

  • A perfect blend of angst, brutality and soft, damp eyes, Keanu Reeves is the best John Wick that one could possibly find.It should be understood that this film is no masterpiece. However, if you’re a fan of action thrillers and have hungrily devoured Stallone and Segal’s crappiest films of the same genre, then you’re going to love this.

  • Perhaps what keeps one glued to Nightcrawler is the marvel that one is bound to feel at one’s inability to dislike such a clearly diabolic character.

    There’s something beguilingly vulnerable in the wide blue eyes of Louis Bloom and though you will find him likeable at first, its his (and Gyllenhaal’s) ability to gain your trust that will leave you disturbed.

  • The Best of Me fits well enough in the genre to which it belongs and will obviously prove to be a major tearjerker for hopeless romantics. The rest of us can only find it amusing, at best.

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