• This is a captivating cinematic risk on paper. It is the story before the love story, about how destinies possibly intertwine in a big city. Will their individual lives be interesting enough to hold out on us for so long? Not quite.

  • Purely as a superhero film, Jai Ho works on far greater levels than, say, a Krrish 3. Petty powers like flying, web-spitting palms or acting aren’t required, because the man has hands. And they’re not the 2.5-kilo version. He even has legs that can kickstart an ambulance.

  • What starts out as the 531st Delhi tri-buddy flick in the last three years quickly assumes the seriocomedic resonance of a Moral Science Class taught by Silvio Berlusconi. Do yourself a favour and log onto Wikipedia instead. Or better stillstare at the poster of Dallas Buyers Club, where Matthew McConaughey spreads more awareness about the disease by devastatingly looking the part.

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