• The film is so incompetently crafted, terribly performed and transparently petty that it isn’t even pathetic enough to be panned as a “propaganda” movie

  • The most disheartening part about Simmba is its bipolar pursuit of relevance. The setup was the film; there was no need to embrace the guileless-sermon path. Just letting Singh play the fool, without hindrance, might have finally lent credence to the Rohit Shetty School of non-storytelling.

  • This is basically a paranoid movie embracing social relevance to compensate for daring to accessorize a tragedy through the medium of art. Given the current climate, these inclinations aren’t surprising. After all, you know a film is on shaky ground when it’s a natural disaster that must rescue it from being a man-made disaster.

  • The Most Incompetent And Tasteless Vanity Vehicle Of The Year…Starring Preity Zinta, Sunny Deol, Arshad Warsi and Shreyas Talpade amongst others, this film should have been titled Ghosts of Bollywood Past.

  • A Shamelessly Passionate Movie About A Hopelessly Passionate Musician…This is not so much a historically inaccurate biopic as it is a celebration of art through its artist

  • Thugs of Hindostan is the Bollywood manifestation of Halloween – an amusing, self-gratifying but altogether pointless fancy-dress ball designed to trick audiences under the guise of treating them

  • Because the invisible thread of kinship connecting a child to a dog is the same one that connects this filmmaker’s vision to our perception of controlled imagery. It is, in essence, a language private and beyond reason. Clearly, for Wes Anderson, all the world’s a postman, and its men and women merely dogs.

  • An Enjoyable, Well-Scripted Look At The Contrasts Of Social Stigma…

  • The Most Unwatchable Hindi Film Of 2018 Is Here…

  • A Powerful, Masterfully Crafted Biopic That Dissects The Man On The Moon
    There’s much to appreciate about the way director Damien Chazelle magnifies the journey of Neil Armstrong – a man who finds solace in telescopic emotions

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