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One By Two

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One By Two is a Hindi romantic comedy directed by Devika Bhagat. The story of the film revolves around the parallel lives of two people and how a series of coincidences brings them together.Wikipedia

One By Two Reviews


One By Two tries hard to break the mold of Bollywood rom-coms, but seldom offers scenarios or characters that are refreshingly original...To quote a song from this very film: I'm just pakaoed!

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


The trouble begins with it not being able to find the right rhythm. The first half, where nothing happens over and over again, is a drag. Once you’ve set the scene, and introduced us to the characters, we need more. It’s only post interval that the film gathers some momentum, and gives us a bit of drama, and reason to see it through.

Raja Sen


Abhay Deol shoots himself in the foot by acting in (and, inexplicably, producing) this monstrosity that sucks all the goodwill out of an actor we usually like, and his apparent girlfriend Preeti Desai hands in the kind of atrocious performance that makes vintage Katrina look like Juhi Chawla. True to its name, this is half a film. It’s half-written, half-digested, half-witted.


There is a warm lived-in feeling to Bhagat`s directorial debut. It may not win your heart as unconditionally as Farhan Akhtar`s directorial debut `Dil Chahta Hai`. But there`s a winsome, bubbly bouncy and ebullient quality to this take on urban aspirations.

Anupama Chopra
Hindustan Times


Mid-way through One by Two, an exasperated ex-girlfriend screams at the still-besotted boyfriend whom she recently dumped: You are so boring. Aur toh aur tumhara naam bhi boring hai. I felt her pain. Boredom weighed me down too as I watched this film.

Halfway through One By Two, one minor character, a poetry-spouting police officer, mentions “inspiration ki hawa”. This little film certainly could have done with much more of that rare commodity.

Madhureeta Mukherjee
Times of India


Debutante Devika's concept might look good on paper, but onscreen it dissipates like diarrhoea. Strung with a few laughable scenes, it scrambles around with too many plots crafted like episodic sitcoms. It intends to reflect the psyche of the 'wuzdat' generation but quickly crumbles like an out-of-love, casual sex relationship. Abhay is good in his part, but after his super performance in 'Raanjhanaa' he's not at his peak here.

The film takes too long to set sailing. First half has very little substance and most of the scenes look like fillers put together to battle the reel length. Preeti Desai is easy on the eyes but fails in staying true to her character. She plays a dancer who competes in a TV show, but her lack of dancing skills is something that kills any little chance of us being interested in her character.

Rohit Khilnani
India Today


As if the writing, direction and acting was not bad enough, the film lurches out one gross scene after another-from Abhay Deol's nonstop farts to his burps, you have to witness it all in this mundane film. The search for the first contender of the 'Worst Films of 2014 list' ends right here.


The stretched screenplay is tiresome, the lead actors are awfully boring, the dialogues were a flop show, the story was futile and utterly pointless and mostly even after a good first half of the film finished up, I was clueless about where the film is heading. I have admired Abhay Deol since Socha Na Tha but this was his most sub standard performance till date.

Taran Adarsh
Bollywood Hungama


...an out of the box film like ONE BY TWO has some engaging moments, but they are few and far between. The excessive length and the slow pacing also play a spoilsport.

Sachin Chatte
The Navhind Times


One by Two is as tedious as driving with the brakes on...While there is an attempt to give background stories to the characters, it falls flat. Take the Samara’s parents problem for example, we have seen that countless times before. So what is the point in going down that same old road? And even that reality show dance contest angle is a crashing bore.

Rummana Ahmed
Yahoo! India


‘One By Two’ deserves an award for the most uninspired piece of work. This is the kind of experimental film, which should have been probably been a film school project and never made it to the big screen.


There are a few saving graces like Sameer Arya’s camera work and Shankar Ehsan Loy’s compositions in numbers like Khushfehmiyan and Kaboom. But there’s no way the story or its dismal execution is going to impress anyone. Forget one by two; you wouldn’t digest a sip of this amateur concoction.


...is experimental cinema. While those involved seem to be having a gala time, the audience becomes the guinea pigs.

There are movies that entertain you and gladden your hearts, there are movies that make you sad and weepy, and then there are movies that well, evoke only one emotion. Boredom. One by Two is that movie. It made me want to sleep not only while watching it, but even as I write its review.

Audience Reviews for One By Two

  • Bubbly
    41 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    Well, with due apologies to the English classic, the days of farts and passing gas r back (never mind if only for a limited time on-screen). Salman started it all and did with elan. V all loved HDDCS (1999) and watched it repeatedly. He then made the delectable HELLO BROTHER (1999)! Ranbir Kapoor tried it in BESHARAM (2013) and the movie too was gone.... Aamir actually turned shitty with 3 IDIOTS (2009) and DELHI BELLY (2011) and scored centum. Different strokes for different people. At times, a certain section among Indians prefer sound and stink, peeing and shitting and also s.. movies. This is one among them and can score from decent to 100-cr depending on crowd response. (Remember GRAND MASTI, 2013, fluke hit 100-cr). Now people can swear instead of 'holy shit' to 'hot farts'.

    Now, v 've Abhay Deol trying the same gas in his producer-debut venture and meets a deadly end. It's so stinky that forget boring; even after coming out of the theatre, one can feel nauseated and avoid food for days to come. And the gas sound can keep one off from many crucial things in life. This variety of movies are preferred by Delhiites so the movie has all the chances of doing well in the Capital and surrounding areas. Yes, Abhay is endearing and worth a watch but why this boring stuff. Rest, there is nothing to write about. After seeing this movie, one can get stomach upset and can develop gas complications leading to non-stop sounds and stink-bombs! I wondered about the title of this movie - whether it applies to house size or single becoming a pair or whatever... Can't play with my brain or else I'll have to...you know! What Abhay does is turn his real life romance to reel life with Preeti Desai. They are portraying a happy estranged couple on the brink of re-union. They meet at potty (not party silly) at the sound of farting (not New Year sounds). Something, new eh! It takes guts (and farts) to make THIS movie! This can also be a love-triangle with a suitable girl Yashika Dhillon thrown in to be an optional second pairing opposite Abhay.

    Indian govt is giving 12 gas cylinders now. They can be filled FREE by Indians self-production. Will this be combustible or non-combustible gas? And don't ask about the story. How can I tell, when all I thought was EXITing and becoming sane. (just kidding.) Writing a review for today's idiotic movies is an art by itself. And this is no movie. It is docu-drama, art, parallel cinema, whatever... The less said, the better. In today's movies, there is no story. They are either hits or flop depending on the viewers patronizing them. This one tends to belong to romantic genre that was best NEVER made. Watch it with your partner to know why NOT to ever get married! Watch it as it is truly badboo ki raas leela. God save the theaters where it is shown as they shouldn't crumble with sound, stink and loo-lines. JAI HO is safe and can continue unhindered. Abhay Deol too will see 100-cr - not at the threatres but at the loos!

    January 31, 14
  • Glamsham
    1 review

    ONE BY TWO is experimental cinema. While those involved seem to be having a gala time, the audience becomes the guinea pigs.

    Having said that, the effort to be different by Abhay Deol and his producer friends needs to be applauded. They had the guts to go ahead with a plot they thought would be different. But alas, this was no different from the many 'made-for-the-heck-of-it-films' we have been subjected to over the years.

    Read More: http://www.glamsham.com/movies/reviews/one-by-two-movie-review.asp

    February 04, 14