• There are memorable shots – Dam staring with agonised eyes at Sid’s office while having car-sex with a stranger outside, a moment of acute tension when she meets Raj’s wife in court. One more encounter follows – but let’s leave something to the imagination. Appreciate, if you will, the thriller, not the diet-erotica – that’s rather an anti-climax.

  • Housefull-2 is a bag of laughs with eye-candy – Akshay in linens, Jacqueline in minis – and some crackling performances.The film belongs to Akshay Kumar who carries off a sharp suit and ‘jhaari-mein-chalein’ jokes with glossy aplomb. And to Sajid Khan who, despite a smorgasbord of stars, ensures one prevails – the mad storyline. The music (Sajid-Wajid) could have been punchier while some scenes sag. But with cracks like, “Aasman se gire, Khajuraho mein atke,” as Akshay parachutes down on his mum-in-law, you can’t complain – unless you were looking for Einstein, of course.

  • Prolonged twists include someone getting Alzheimer’s, thereby requiring the love-story be told – repeatedly. At this point, the guy sitting next to me went, “Uffff.” That said it.

  • Like a shaadi ka band, CDKC’s tone is mostly raucous – and good fun. Its script crosses swords with British writer P G Wodehouse’s zany plots (castle full of imposters, suspicious uncles, a mosquito-bitten Johnny Lever) while paying hurried homage to masala-mixed Bollywood, leaving little time to worry about subtlety or depth.

  • AHDU is an interesting experiment. It has rather modest production values but some great lines. It retains the traditional love-story (to its detriment) but goes out on a limb satirizing the political.

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