• Chauranga is a dark, cryptic and provocative look at cast oppression as seen through the eyes of a young innocent boy. This is the world of Shyam Benegal’s Nishant and Prakash Jha’s Damul. But a lot more murky and yes, clumsy. There is way too much fondling, pushing and touching, not all of it appropriate or even apt. Sanjay Suri’s love making scenes with Tannishtha Chatterjee show him copulating violently, with his pyjama on.

  • This looks like a terrific year ahead for Bollywood. Wazir is a solid start. A gripping thriller anchored by Bachchan and Akhtar’s compelling compatibility. Not to be missed.

  • Dilwale is one of those terrible mistakes that superstars like Shah Rukh and Rohit Shetty make in the mistaken belief that they can get away with anything in the name of entertainment.

  • Sitting numb at the end of this deeply disturbing film on female infanticide, Kajarya, I was informed that 10 million girls have been killed in our country since the 1980s. Director Madhureeta Anand has our attention by force. She does not allow audiences the luxury to flinch or turn away.

  • Tamasha is a film with ambitions of being mature and experienced. It creates an alternate reality for its principal characters and lets their emotions grow naturally to a point. But then the journey gets tiring for everyone concerned.
    It doesn’t really get there. But the effort is not unbearably laboured. This is a film that doesn’t entirely succeed in its endeavour to decode the heart’s enigmatic excursions. But the journey is fascinating and admirable, thought not entirely fulfilling.

  • Oldfashioned? Yes. But this Hero conveys all the charm of the original, plus the newly-acquired swagger of the modern times.

  • No miracle can equal the one that this film represents.

    Having sat open-mouthed through MSG I can hardly wait for the further adventures of Guruji.

  • Dr Cabbie is a full-on melodrama marathon with lights camera action and reaction….all lined in in one chic range of vision to suggest a sparkling celebration of desi glee in a firangi setting.

  • If you enjoy watching watching films about ghostly possessions in normal households then Machhli Jal Ki… might of some interest to you.
    But the horror genre in Bollywood needs a revamp

  • Two world, two cultures, two families, one love story…2 States re-defines and rejuvenates the love-marriage space.Simple and yet striking,gorgeous and graceful, this is a film where we come away hankering to know what happens to the couple after the film is over.

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