• And as I walked away from Mulk, marvelling at its crackling drama, high emotional quotient, its gritty appeal, whistle-worthy dialogues and politics, after a long time I doffed my hat to Bollywood.

    Because when mainstream Bollywood begins to get it right, when it finds the strength to articulate what’s right and wrong in a way that sits with audiences for a long time, there is hope.

  • Sanjay Dutt’s screen time is too less to feel his presence in the film especially in the first half.

  • What doesn’t really work here is a somewhat sloppy second half where the plot digresses unnecessarily, with a predictable ending. Also, the character arc of the main antagonist is neither well explained nor deep enough. These shortcomings prevent the movie from being a masterpiece. However, Fallout is a slick action fun with lots to enjoy. And as expected, Tom Cruise really raises the bar of action with this. So if you like thrillers, Fallout is your wet dream.

  • Ranbir is outstanding in this dishonest film…

  • It’s like he took the story board session to be a master class in direction.  Forget having the ability to create drama, there isn’t a decent dialogue or scene. And he wastes the only two talents he has — Anil Kapoor and  Saqib Saleem. Worse, he is unable to create even a single Sallu Magic Moment. 

  • There’s not enough Rajini magic…When Rajini Sir arrives, it’s as if the screen itself folds from both ends to bend down in a respectful namaskaram.

  • Omerta is an honourable film, but it often looses track of itself as it goes off on tangents so obscure and weak.

  • Daas Dev is more interested in telling us the story of power, than the story of ishq…

  • Manu Rishi, who has written the film, has his heart in the right place, but seems to have misplaced his brain.

  • Watch Beyond the Clouds for Ishaan, watch it for Sharada, and watch it for those flamingos and Chhotu’s little rat.

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