• Despite its shortcomings, Baahubali is a significant marker in Indian film-making and SS Rajamouli’s career for the audacity and unmatched visualization that opens up more avenues for ambitious technicians.

  • With an interesting premise backed up a generous dose of comedy, Vai Raja Vai starts off really well in the first half but only to end up highly disappointing courtesy a tepid, uninteresting second half. Aishwarya has pulled off a casting coup in the film with an ensemble cast that’s adequately entertaining but not utilized to the fullest.

  • Yennai Arindhaal is not a flawless film. There are blips here and there like an unwanted song or a clichéd scene. But they are negligible keeping the fact in mind that this is a honest attempt from the director. GVM completes his cop trilogy in style. Its just the beginning, of good things to come.

  • Toting up ‘I’, the visuals dazzle your eyes, Vikram’s sterling performance breaks your heart and shivers your soul.

  • If you go to watch the film to witness the Rajinikanth mania, you’ll be pleased. Otherwise, the cineaste in you will not be assuaged.

  • Overall, Kaththi makes a sweeping statement on the most alarming issue in the country without going over-the-top : ‘Agriculture’ in a neatly packaged commercial drama!

  • Overall, Amara Kaaviyam turns out to be a damp squib that soberly tries to be a definite classic. The film is partly genuine and partly manipulative, and that’s what makes Amara Kaaviyam lesser than a kaaviyam.

  • Suriya’s fans have tons of scenes to enjoy and scream, and Samantha’s fans have gazillions of rapturous moments to cherish.

  • Velai Illa Pattadhari is a befitting 25th film for Dhanush. The film irresistibly succeeds in what it sets out to do, to entertain and it looks rightly enough with a wafer-thin plot like this.

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