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Kaththi is the story of Tota Roy, an International gangster (Vivek Banerjee).,The Cops take help of a criminal mastermind to track down Vivek. After a cat-and-mouse chase in Kolkata`s dark, dingy gulleys, Vivek is grievously injured and put behind bars. He swears revenge against Vijay. He only meets him next to realize that the man is the dummy of the original.Wikipedia

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Kaththi is no 3 hour entertainer to go enjoy, have dinner and go to bed. The film deals with a deep social issue. The audience here, are more like the media in the film. They will not care if this kind of an issue is shown on TV, written in a book or spoken about publicly. But with a star like Vijay at the forefront, this film is sure to turn heads. The silver lining here is Murugadoss, who walks the tightrope between being preachy and being massy, with absolute elegance!

Regardless of the excessive masala moments catering to Vijay's mass hero image, the film does convey an important social message. This, coupled with the stunning music by Anirudh, definitely makes A R Murugadoss’ Kaththi worth a watch.

Kaththi, which translates to sword in English, is largely blunt at the important edges. It reeks of overdose of melodrama and the need to preach.

M Suganth
Times Of India


...unlike Thuppakki, the previous Murugadoss-Vijay effort, Kaththi is overlong, over-the-top, over-familiar, and overtly preachy.


Kaththi worked like a tonic. Picks up slowly, but delivered a power packed performance. Recommended to you if you truly expect an action entertainer performance. It’s actually a one time show. But you can definitely manage yourself to sit for 3 hours with a popcorn and yes tissues as well mainly at the second half.

Raisa Nasreen


Inspite of its lengthy run-time and some minor flaws, Kaththi will capture your attention. This may not create an impact like Thuppakki, but it will certainly win your heart. This is surely a Diwali treat for all Vijay fans. - See more at: http://in.bookmyshow.com/entertainment/kaththi-film-review/47791#sthash.JaSusW12.dpuf

Bollywood Life
Bollywood Life


If you are a Vijay fan then you’ll obviously love this film! But even if you are not, watch this film because it is one of the best films in Vijay’s career. He has done plenty of inane masala films and deserves a pat on the back for experimenting with Kaththi. This is perhaps the first time he has done a film with a strong social message relevant to India today. And A R Murugadoss must be applauded for getting the actor into this new zone.

Kaththi may not be in the same league as Thuppaki, but still is a well made entertainer with a powerful message.


A lot of flab, but some solid masala moments...

"Kaththi" is a message-oriented and highly entertaining commercial movie.

To sum up, Kaththi is a grand production which rides on Vijay's dual roles, the social interest angle and some impactful scenes which are part of the mix.

Surendhar MK


Overall, Kaththi makes a sweeping statement on the most alarming issue in the country without going over-the-top : 'Agriculture' in a neatly packaged commercial drama!

The movie deserves a lot of credit for taking a social cause and delivering it sincerely with just the right amount of commercial elements. This is a movie Vijay, AR Murugadoss and entire Kaththi team should be proud of...Go, Watch Kaththi!


When you have an actor who is well known for mass entertainers and a director who is known for providing marketable scripts – what can you expect from the duo? If you are thinking of a movie that will be just for the eyes – you need to watch this to understand what the director wants to convey!!! ‘Kaththi’ starts out as a blunt piece of iron, but is honed all along and emerges as a Sharp Sickle!

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