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Amara Kaaviyam

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Amara Kaaviyam is a Tamil film directed by Jeeva Shankar and produced by actor Arya.Wikipedia

Amara Kaaviyam Reviews


Amara Kaaviyam is said to be based on a true incident. Unfortunately, neither the happenings leading to the incident or the incident itself is something which will raise your eyebrows. The much hyped climax is a let down too. If Nayanthara wept after watching this, I'm afraid the reasons might have been different.

Director Jeeva Sankar has attempted to portray an intense love story and he does succeed to some extent...an unmemorable love story.

M Suganth
Times Of India


...we very much know where the story is heading. And, that is Amara Kaaviyam's biggest trouble — the audience knows what to expect.

Raisa Nasreen


Watch this film for the exceptional performance of Mia George. The actor delivers a performance, like that of a seasoned thespian. Her eyes are emotive, and she thoroughly convinces you as, Karthiga.

India Glitz


Great technicals, but a sad story that fails miserably...

But the movie moves at snail pace and the second half of the movie wanders aimlessly before convoluting in a tragic climax. Had the director tweaked his screenplay a little and had made it tight, Amara Kaaviyam would have lived up to its title.

Reviewer Profile


Too much of liberty taken by the story writer has not helped the cause. Like in a usual story, the hero does not propose his love for his leading lady but it is vice-versa in this case. In fact, the heroine reveals her love to him when he tells her that his friend is in love with her. Their struggle to cope up with their emotions forms the remaining part of the story.

Amara Kaviyam has brilliant music, great visuals, good acting, wish it had left little more impact.

Surendhar MK


Overall, Amara Kaaviyam turns out to be a damp squib that soberly tries to be a definite classic. The film is partly genuine and partly manipulative, and that’s what makes Amara Kaaviyam lesser than a kaaviyam.

The film is a reflection on how untamed emotions can play havoc. A true blue love story that does not take sides, does not rush through and simply narrates a story and has us involved throughout.

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