• It is a regular love story and not very ambitious, but the film satisfies its audience

  • The Hate Story movies, due to their box office success, have become a legit series now. This wouldn’t have been as troubling had these films been good erotica, but they are, at best, bland potboilers. It may not say a lot about these films, but it does say something about us: How repressed are we? Now that’s not an easy question to answer.

  • Bangistan’s ultimate undoing lies in its desperate lunge towards delivering a message in the climax. Here, Anshuman is at his most clueless, pausing the story to allow preachy banalities to take centre stage. It’s this bit that is really irksome but fittingly encapsulates Bangistan: the film refuses to take chances, to buck the rules, to soar beyond the cushy confines of unending mediocrity.

  • The repetitive and mediocre movie has way too many sub plots…

  • The dialogues’ are clunky, the plot points are convenient and characters’ motivations, well, who are we kidding? The biggest disappointment in Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho is that unlike other mediocre Bollywood films, it held a lot of promise; it could have said so much and so easily about the kind of people we are slowly becoming, about us being buffoons living gratuitously serious lives. But then Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho is not the first film to have got lost in the haze between intent and execution.

  • Anyone who has loved the show will find it difficult not to warm up to the film, which essentially revolves around the same territory as the show and, just like its characters, hasn’t grown up. Entourage, for the most part, is a delightful repetition.

  • ABCD 2 had a chance to say something important: about ambitions and the price people pay for them, about carving identities through something that’s typically considered frivolous, about coming to terms with lost pride. But ABCD 2 couldn’t hear these stories. You wonder why. Maybe we do know the answer: The sound from the box office cash register must have been quite deafening.

  • A chicken, Indo-Pak enmity and all-round buffoonery…the satire is not particularly nuanced, profound or even consistently funny, but it’s still impressive because the film is just wicked enough.

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