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Movie star Vincent Chase, together with his boys, Eric, Turtle and Johnny, are back…and back in business with super agent-turned-studio head Ari Gold. Some of their ambitions have changed, but the bond between them remains strong as they navigate the capricious and often cutthroat world of Hollywood.Wikipedia

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As a fan of the show, 'Entourage' offered me comfort in the familiar. It was a bit like catching up with old friends who you haven’t seen in years. Everyone’s older, but a few drinks in and you realize nothing has changed.

Shalini Langer
Indian Express


Larsen confesses he has never ever seen any of the films he has funded. We of course have no such luck.


As with the show, the movie has plenty of plenty of cameos. You might on one hand, find the main characters a bit too breezy, but those familiar with the various seasons of the show will find all of what they see to be reassuringly familiar and fun.

Sachin Chatte
The Navhind Times


...the idea seems to be to cash on the popularity of the series rather than make new fans with this enterprise. Having seen the film, I for one, am not too keen to catch the television show. What chic flicks mean to women, Entourage is to men - mach flicks could be the word? This film is the male equivalent of Sex And The City.

The film tries to compensate for its lack of a good story by throwing in a celebrity cameo every minute, but by the time the hundredth celebrity arrives to mouth a line or two, you’re already left bored by the excess of un-funniness, extravagant sets and sexist humour.

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Anyone who has loved the show will find it difficult not to warm up to the film, which essentially revolves around the same territory as the show and, just like its characters, hasn’t grown up. Entourage, for the most part, is a delightful repetition.

Zee News


What started off as the lovable underdog story on television in 2004, has now blown into a big screen tale of sycophancy that is repulsive to a certain extent. While the plot reveals how the foursome are entrenched in the most glamorous and superficial elements of the industry, after a point the novelty factor of their lifestyle begins to wear off. And, like their lives, there is no substance in the happenings in this film that documents their exploits.

The TV series was cheeky, witty, outrageous, over-the-top and entertaining. While the film has dashes of that, yet it feels like a haughty 104-minute-long episode with watered down wit and not enough Ari-isms.

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