• Fans of Katrina Kaif shall not be disappointed with her cutesy act (which she nails) and her jerky dance moves. But then there’s Roshan—freshly worked out, hair carefully set. He makes light of the action scenes with as much confidence as he glides across the dance floor. He alone puts the bang in ‘Bang Bang’.

  • Although directed by Jonathan Liebesman (Wrath Of The Titans), the movie has Bay’s signature of explosive action written all over it. Even Fox is unable to alleviate our tedium as she pouts and pants as a journalist with highly questionable competence.

  • The film delivers exactly what this suggests. Former wrestler Johnson is not much of an actor. So it helps that stringy wet hair partially covers his face almost throughout, thereby saving him the effort of having to emote.

  • Director Ajay Bhuyan uses a number of devices to overstretch his story: speech bubbles, voice-overs, flashbacks, etc. Everything is spelt out and reiterated, but in some smart, entertaining and contemporary touches, Bhuyan shows his potential as a film-maker. Das’ acting skills augment these scenes.

  • Fugly is faux-righteous, and the punctured script makes it silly, pretentious and technically wanting. The acting too is extremely patchy. The four newcomers are unable to bring any depth to the poorly-etched characters that pay lip service to headlines and social networking-driven angst.

  • …sometimes cheesy, sometimes quirky and occasionally stylish. It does not quite hit the balanced note, bouncing haphazardly from family drama to action thriller to black comedy.

  • The characters are electric; the dialogue still packs a punch; and the songs are crackling. In 3D, the occasional projectile makes you involuntarily whoop and jump in your seat. However, Sholay’s running length, 3 hours and 18 minutes, is challenging in the 2010s.

  • Given the wishy-washy story and the inept direction by Gurmeet Singh, the usually dependable actors, Kapadia and Manu Rishi, are unable to make anything out of it.

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