• Watching the extravagant affair that Krrish 3 is, you realise the film’s failure to scale exceptional heights is not necessarily about its tech-specs. It lies in the fact that the story reveals no ambition at giving the superhero genre any extra dimension as, say, The Dark Knight flicks or Iron Man have done in Hollywood despite not losing out on the fun factor.

  • Gravity is a film that reminds you what the magic of the movies is all about. It makes you fall in love with cinema all over again.

  • If you can take an overdose of violence without much logic, this is your film.

  • The film’s biggest plus is its cast. The ‘family’ of four totally fits the bill. Aniston, curves in place, makes a spirited Rose and is particularly a treat to watch.

  • The film tells a story we already knew. Yet it scores because of the way Sircar maintains intrigue, teasing viewers with regular twists.

    Irresistible stuff if you love brain work in your movies.

  • The first one worked for its bizarre novelty. Kick-Ass 2 tries banking on those unique traits. The film also had ready material to encash (it is based on a hit comic book series of the same name). Yet it doesn’t quite get the mood of the franchise right. What you have here is a formulaic rehash that never quite captures the maverick madness of the first film.

  • He always had the lung power. This time Shah Rukh Khan, in a bid to prove he still remains at the top of his game, is out gunning to score with lungi power. Chennai Express is a loud and crazy experience, so what if you might just forget all of it even as you hit the exit door after the show. It’s got the lungi power while it lasts.

  • The film latches onto the 3D fad for obvious reasons, but the impact is lost out because lot of the action seems choppy and predictable.

    I couldn’t help notice how the few good jokes here actually have nothing to do with the story. For an action comedy, that’s not funny.

  • Wholly catering to the little ones, The Smurfs 2 does a neat enough job blending real action with animation. The Paris visuals are a treat, too. But the film is low on original gags. While Gosnell’s trademark slapstick is in place, it lacks the gentle humour of the original Belgian series it is based on.

    The Smurfs 2 is just not ‘smurf’ enough.

  • It isn’t the best of the mutant series. It’s just a sharp marketing trick aimed to please Jackman fans, and it works just fine.

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