• OMG! wow. This is called a true Bollywood film.which can never be in Hollywood movies. Raees has uniqueness in every frame. Marvelous terrific. Loved each and every scene.
    It’s really breath taking to see both superb actors share screen space – SRK & Nawaz u guys killed it / Nailed it. Great Acting. Great Direction. Great Cinematography.Great Music. Great Background score make it a must must watch movie. Go for it guys. The performances in RAEES are consistently remarkable. Shah Rukh is the scene-stealer as well as the show-stealer. Cast in a character that has grey shades, the film brings back memories of his award-worthy acts at the commencement of his career. Nawazuddin matches his co-star’s brilliance and delivers a magnificent performance. Both, SRK and Nawazuddin’s performances keep you invested in the storyline as well as the characters. Mahira Khan looks gorgeous and handles her part with confidence. Don’t Miss it. Its a must must watch

    January 26, 17
  • Kaabil Directed By Sanjay Gupta is an Action Thriller. Script is Well Written With Minor Flaws. Screenplay is boring in The First Half, Second Half is not have a logic
    Cinematography is Praiseworthy. Action & Dialogues Are not by
    ood. Direction is anothr bad film from Sanjay Gupta Movies.
    Rohan Bhatnagar(Hrithik Roshan) A Dubbing Artist is A Blind Man. He Meets Supriya(Yami Gautam) A Blind Girl. They Fall in Love & Finally Get Married. Amit Shellar(Rohit Roy) Along With Wasim(Sahidur Rehman) Physically Assault Supriya. Rohan Takes Help From The Cops, But Nothing Works. Supriya is Again Raped, She Commits Suicide. Rohan Plans & Executes Something Which is Scenes, Chemistry is Incredible Between The Two. Ronit Roy is Just Fine, Lacks The Depth in The Character. Rohit Roy is A Poor Actor. Narendra Jha & Girish Kulkarni Both Did Well.
    Music By Rajesh Roshan is Melodious. Title Track By Jubin Nautiyal & Palak Muchhal And “Kuch Din” By Jubin Nautiyal Are The Better Compositions From The Movie.

    January 26, 17
  • For all those who want to know whether Kal Ho Naa Ho is a remake of Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s Anand, the answer is yes. And no.
    Shah Rukh Khan’s character (Aman) is largely inspired by Rajesh Khanna’s happy-go-lucky charmer in Anand. But on the whole, Kal Ho Naa Ho is as different as they come.
    The film kicks off with Manhattan resident Naina Catherine Kapur (Preity Zinta) narrating the story of her life over her daily morning jog.
    Don’t Miss!
    The characters in Naina’s life are introduced with the same energy that Naina puts into her jog. There is her mom Jennifer (Jaya Bachchan in jeans), who shares a love-hate relationship with her mother-in-law Sushma Seth (at her loudest Punjabi best).
    Mommy runs a flop restaurant. Grandmother is a flop singer. Together they are chaos.
    Enough reason for Naina to turn into a boring, bespectacled spinster type who takes life too seriously.
    The only interesting person in Naina’s life is buddy Rohit Patel (Saif Ali Khan). He is uncool with women but thinks he is cool. He is also a typical Gujarati, whose father (Satish Shah) runs a business called Dial A Dhokla.
    Enter funny guy Aman, who turns out to be the proverbial angel in Naina’s life. He is Dale Carnegie-Jim Carrey-Richard Gere-Deepak Chopra all rolled into one. He zooms into Naina’s neighbourhood singing Pretty woman and woos everyone in sight, including uppity Naina.
    Naina hates him at first sight, but can’t help being overwhelmed by Aman’s charm.
    Even Rohit takes tips from Aman on how to be cool and influence people. Life is a song and dance till the interval.
    And After that everything is mystery, lol what?
    This is indeed a breathtaking movie! Go and watch instead of watching silly bollywood movies!

    November 29, 16
  • Main Hoon Na is a completely crazy and an extremely entertaining flick. Done with much comedy and funny action (and a little bit of insignificant drama), this one is a film that can be watched again and again and still be an absolute treat.
    The film has a story, and the greatest thing about it is that it actually does not even matter. This film is made for fun, and succeeds thoroughly for that purpose.
    And what does it have to work as much as it did? Well, it has a Shahrukh Khan (sorry, The Shahrukh Khan), two cool youngsters (Zayed Khan and Amrita Rao), a sexy and classy chemistry teacher (Sushmita Sen), a hilarious spit-spraying teacher (Satish Shah), another funny elderly teacher (Bindu), and a motherly, warm Kirron Kher.
    Shahrukh is as always great and is fairly restrained in this role, Sushmita is damn too hot to handle, Zayed and Amrita suit their parts, Kirron is lovable as usual, Satish Shah and Bindu will have you floored, and Sunil Shetty will annoy you as he does in most of his films.
    The film has an amazing soundtrack with many catchy songs composed by Anu Malik. It has a twisted, messy and senseless story that manages to provide utmost fun and pastime, and it has many great and heart-warming moments. It flows very well throughout with all the nice songs and the rather humorous proceedings.
    Films are made mainly to entertain us. This film does not take itself too seriously and it is not to be taken seriously. It has some inexplicable and genuine sense of fun, and as such, can be rightfully called a successful, special and very profound Hindi entertainment

    November 28, 16
  • The film begins with an act of a ‪Tamasha‬ whereby we get introduced to a joker who is laughing at a robot having stuck between Dil & Duniya.
    The robot symbolizes most of us, our mechanical existence whereby we are killing our dreams each passing day by being unwillingly part of a routine life which we abhor but then we need the money.. The stage is set for another Imtiaz Ali extravaganza —– On analyzing Imtiaz Ali film we can see he has an inclination towards characters that are aberrations to societal rules and traditions. They are not anti-social or asocial but are non-conformist in nature. Be it mild nature Viren Oberoi from Socha Na Tha or cutely hyper Geet from Jab We Met or rebellious Janarthan from Rockstar his protagonists are different who antics influences their contradictory counterparts thus shaping into an unusual love-story. And for someone like me who distants himself from mushy romance are attracted by Imtiaz Ali’s characters who comes across as free-spirited and hatke.
    With Tamasha he brings back his non-conformist lead in the form of Ved but unlike Janarthan Ranbir Kapoor’s character is an apparently soft- spoken dreamer who is a byproduct of materialistic societal existence. He is bored & wants to get rid of his mundane daily life which brings him closer to a bipolar personality. Well I guess majority of us can connect with him as he webs several stories and lives each of them in his mind. The world of dreams kind of gives him a freedom and there begins a fairy tale journey which culminates into self-actualization with Ved realizing his potential through the eyes of Tara Maheshwari.
    Last month Vikas Behl tried to narrate a similar tale but the surreal setting and quirky humour boomeranged. Imtiaz Ali tried the same story but gave it a dark & poetic tone, dealing with the complexities of human emotions. Ali dares to experiment with the narrative as it goes past, present and future as he paints 3 phases of Ved’s life. He dexterously uses mirrors and shadows (as props) to reflect the inner conflict of the central character. In several sequences he proved why he is one of the finest directors around. One of my fav is the repeated scenes with cut shots of the following frames – his alarm clock waking him in the morning, brushing teeth, having breakfast, getting stuck in traffic, getting into office lift, swapping his card and settling at his cubicle. The gloominess of monotony and monstrosity of lifeless survival is effectively displayed which probably haunts 90% of those watching the film. Ali deserved accolades for many sequences like the one in an auto which leads to “wattu watu” songs is creative or the one where he confronts his father “lecture” on responsibility and blah blah blah… Ved’s blabbering in client presentation or the scene where he confronts his boss. But honestly few frames looked manipulative and the one where his father’s heart showed a change in the pre-climax seemed hurried and badly written.
    Ranbir simply puts his teeth into the role and proves why he is one of the best actors around. He should be also applauded for choosing this film. The complexity of bipolar Ved comes alive through him and the vulnerability of the character could be felt. Personally I wish this film at least works in the BO to give him confidence to select more bolder scripts. Deepika Padukone is one actress who had simply taken all the criticisms seriously in her early stage of career. Over the years she has improved a lot and after Piku this is another performance for her to cheer. Piyush Mishra’s voice has a narrator is an apt one for a script which deals with human ambiguity. A.R Rehman’s music, Ravi Verman’s cinematography and Aarti Bajaj’s editing compliments Ali’s vision.
    Tamasha is not for those who are looking for a popcorn rom-com, but it is not a pessimistic film either. What make me delighted about Tamasha is that it hits on the plastic “holier than thou” society & urges people never to lose the child within one and try to follow one’s heart. I couldn’t dare to follow my heart but at least I can surely say that the child within me is very much alive And as the story-teller old man (a brilliant Piyush Mishra in a cameo) confronts Ved he gives a valuable life-lesson – there is no point in cribbing, end-of-the-day it is your own story and you have to find a resolution. Indeed, the pursuit of happiness continues

    November 27, 16
  • No story no screenplay just good acting song and diraction

    November 27, 16
  • I absolutely adore this movie. I borrowed it from an Indian friend and first of all fell IN LOVE with Hrithrik Roshan. Not even the bootleg tape I had could hide his beauty. I think I watched the movie 3 times in one week! Seeing as how the film is 3 1/2 hours long, that’s saying a lot.
    As always, Sharukh Khan is a pleasant diversion on screen. Kajol’s character was a lot of fun too. It’s nice to see a girl with spunk get her man! Nearly all of the songs and choreography were stellar. I will most definitely buy this one.
    Like some of the other reviewers mentioned, there is definitely some over-acting but those few moments of suffering are rewarded with a variety of eye-candy. This film is definitely worth watching.

    November 26, 16
  • Finally its time to Get on The Train Babby and this train made me difficult to sit in my seat with out laughing(actually burst out of happiness). Completely laughing from the SRK’s 1st line in movie “Let me start form the starting”. I really wonder how SRK accepted such a kind of story, where deepika has more scope than him and she proved it to metal core. Whole 1st half is completely carry by her, only after that SRK’s flavor(LOVE & DRAMA) comes into the plot and all the time he lived in his simple, stylish, most funny dialogue “Dont under estimate the power of a common man”. Rohit Shetty has his mark on each and every frame. Though many part of the movie are lifted from some Telugu films, they are placed in a right place to make the film more attractive. On whole its SRK’s funny romantic action Love Story in Rohit Shetty Istyleee

    November 26, 16
  • This film, combining familiar elements of epics such as Gladiator and Braveheart, is directed by the internationally renowned Indian director Santosh Sivan.
    Sivan is primarily known for his low-budget arthouse hit, The Terrorist. “Asoka” is quite different from The Terrorist in both scale and starpower. Shah Rukh Khan, India’s biggest star, plays the Mauryan Emperor Asoka, who wages bloody wars across the country only to renounce violence when he witnesses the aftermath of the destruction he causes. Drawn from legends and folk tales about the emperor, much of the film is not historical fact. However, the narrative provides true entertainment. Some criticism: “Asoka” seems to be using the same “Bollywood” love story formula, and augmenting the story of Asoka onto that formula. If it had been the other way around, this film would have been far more intriguing and relevent. Most of the movie revolves around his romance with his one true love, princess Kaurwaki, played by Kareena Kapoor. We are left not knowing much about Asoka’s message of peace, only his trials with love. On top of that, the poor song and dance numbers in the film disrupt the narrative flow. On the other hand, while Anu Malik does a bad job with the composition of the songs, the composers Sandeep Chowta and Ranjit Barot weave a superb musical score seamlessly into the film. Even with its faults, “Asoka” is gripping through and through with spectacular battle scenes, fine acting by Khan and also, notably, Ajit Kumar, who plays Asoka’s duplicitous brother Susima. Techincally, the film is unbeatable by any other Indian film to date. The editing is fast paced and spectacularly done by Sreekar Prasad, the premier film editor of India. The direction is magnificent, and above all else, the cinematography, done by Sivan himself, is indescribably gorgeous. It is sumptuous, and spectacularly vivid. Sivan is regarded as one of the world’s premiere cinematogaphers, and this film is proof positive of that. This film should, like Aamir Khan’s “Lagaan”, be able to break through to western audiences. All in all, a great acheivement

    November 26, 16
  • When it was first announced that Shahrukh Khan’s next film would be this one, many were under the impression that this would be a historical film but it isn’t at all.
    Sometimes we remember our childhood and in particular our friends and the times and various moments at the time. The problem is that we can only remember them once they have gone and they cannot be recreated .This is a simple story which has been portrayed in a most simplistic manner by the makers and the actors. . A Simple man, who owes a lot of money to many and yet people in the village don’t want to know him or want to go to his shop has his life turned upside down, when a film company comes to make a film.
    Starring Irrfan Khan, Lara Dutta, Shahrukh Khan, Asrani, Om Puri, Rajpal Yadav and Manoj Joshi, this is directed by Priyadarshan while Preetam provides the music score. Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor and Deepika Padukone make special appearances.
    Even though it stars Shahrukh Khan and has been produced by him and his wife, this is not a typical Shahrukh Khan film but Irrfan Khan instead, as he has done a very good job in his role and it suits him. Lara Dutta has also done a good job in this film as has “King Khan” himself. The special appearances by Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor and Deepika Padukone add glamour to the story and its worth while watching and listening to the songs that they perform to – the music and the songs are worth listening to. Being a person who has had some experience in photography, the cinematography is worth a mention and must say that this is good and more so where the interior is concerned and also the hills. Regarding certain aspects of movie making, there is also some good comedy and comic situations. The choreography direction includes Shahrukh Khan’s friend and director of movies such as “Mein Hoo Na” and “Om Shanti Om,” Farah Khan.
    This has to be one of the better movies this year and is worth watching.

    November 26, 16
  • So FAN isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill, commercial potboiler (read: the last couple of SRK films)
    It is absurd, psychic, weird, cryptic, and oh-so-darned-intriguing.
    The concept is simple “The fans maketh the star”, but the execution is complex and just so bamboozling.
    There is a reason why Shah Rukh Khan is known for his intense roles. This film brings back the menacing Darr-Baazigar-Anjaam-esque SRK back and he is pure masterclass.
    You may love him. You may hate him. But you can’t help but admire the guy’s acting ability.
    The film drags a bit in the second-half, and sways away from reality for a sizeable amount of time, but you can still make do with it.
    Aryan Khanna is the name of the narcissistic superstar in the film. But when you come out of the theatre, the immensely insane yet innocent Gaurav Chandana baffles your mind.
    This film is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people might deliberately hate it, but hey, that is the persona of SRK. The most polarising actor ever.
    Thank You Maneesh Sharma for bringing back “The Actor SRK” whom we desperately missed since My Name Is Khan. Kudos to the team for choosing something so risky and so brave.
    Films like these are not made for Huge Box Office Collections, they are made for sheer uniqueness.
    You may agree with me. You may disagree with me. All I would like to say is “Rehnede, Tu Nahi Samjhega”.

    November 25, 16
  • We see Major Samar Anand (Shah Rukh Khan) being the shining star of the Indian Army’s bomb disposal unit, clocking almost close to a hundred IED diffusion and doing so in daredevil fashion.
    Some call him the man without fear, while others coin the term the man who cannot die, because his job is high risk, but he doesn’t take the necessary precautions. The routine involves going off for a little quiet time for himself after having stared death in the face, but this time round got rudely interrupted by the vivacious Akira Rai (Anushka Sharma), who is adamant to get a stint with Discovery Channel, and chanced upon Samar’s diary of sorts which got left behind.
    And this natural flashback provided a look into the Major’s past before his army career, being a multiple job holder in London in order to make ends meet, from shoveling of snow to the waiting on tables, to being a fishmonger, and busking in the streets. Fate allows him to meet poor little rich girl Meera (Katrina Kaif), and before you know it, their constant interaction to exchange tips in the learning of languages form the basis of their relationship, even though Meera is engaged to a rich scion. I suppose no girl can resist the charms of a man who can serenade at multiple London landmarks, and dance the way SRK does.
    But here’s the catch which I thought was an extremely bold move. Religion comes into play, and this takes on proportions and depth of discussions about how some put religion as priority, having empowerment over their lives, that it could sometimes lead to paralysis of sorts. To save Samar’s life, Meera makes a pact with her spiritual father, and I suppose only a bet as big as exchanging one’s happiness with the life of another, can bring that prayerful wish to fruition. But this causes bitterness in Samar because how can one do battle with Jesus? It’s almost impossible, but if this rivalry of one’s heart, toward man and toward god, isn’t colossus, then I don’t know what is.
    I suppose what Yash Chopra’s story was trying to say, is that without love, or keeping the faith, one’s life can get really inward and withdrawn, losing that fun element with all things going really serious, and at times, reckless. Samar goes back to India and fulfills his family lineage of military men, but chooses the riskiest of professions, if only to tempt the higher being at taking his life away, and in such fashion to put a dent in his ex lover’s faith. Akira enters the picture, and finds this old fashion love of the previous decade a lot more meaningful than the present throwaway ones that centers around physical love. The second half after the intermission sees the relentless pursuit Akira has for Samar, only for her constant advances to be continuously rejected, because in essence, Samar’s heart was locked in on another, and left for dead.
    As if that wasn’t enough – with how Samar has turned into a Meera even without his knowledge, in shutting people out – Yash Chopra has more up his sleeves when he has to put everyone together, forming tremendous tension especially when throwing in one of the oldest plot elements in the book for a romance, albeit too with one too many hospital stays. It’s decision time, and you’ll find yourself taking sides as to who Samar should eventually end up with, after having emotionally invested an hour with each heroine. Characterization here is top notch in making everyone of them rich and real, that you’ll probably see shades of yourself, or people you may know, in one or more of the leading protagonists.
    Shah Rukh Khan once again shows why he’s one of the leading men in Bollywood, with his fine all round performance in being a younger man who is full of zeal, hope and life, with the world ahead of him given his hard work, and yet balancing that out with a more sullen, serious look as the hardened military man with a death wish, nursing a broken heart and resigned to the impossibility of challenging god. Between the two leading ladies, it is difficult to pick who actually had an edge over the other, but if it’s a personal choice, I’d give my vote to Anushka Sharma if only for her assured portrayal of a bubbly personality who knows what she wants and is a go getter, being in for a challenge when encountered with emotions she has yet to handle, compared to the more indecisive character that Katrina perfectly portrayed, in what would be a classic Yash Chopra model of the unattainable femme fatale responsible for the total breaking of hearts.
    Cinematography is great, as you would come to expect from a Yash Raj production, with lush costumes, glossy production and art design, sets and locales being nothing but the best to put you in the mood for love, and love lost or broken. Music by none other than A.R. Rahman also lifts the film into epic greatness, befitting a contemporary love story of our time. If anything, Yash Chopra’s parting gift through his films, and this one in particular, is a reminder to keep the faith, that love will come in good time, and to remember to live life, not be afraid of it. A definite must watch backed by all the right reasons

    November 25, 16
  • before seeing this film , i had great fears about what could Karan Johar do this time( hated k3g). I was pleasantly surprised actually, i was pretty shocked how this is a total different director from the days of kkhh
    this film is bold( in terms of social norms in India), it says that the institution of marriage shouldn’t be a rigid structure where people feel trapped by it. The thing I like about this film , is that you can’t hate anybody in this film, everyone of the 4 main characters has moments when you love them and sympathize with them, and other moments where you want to smack them for their idiocy. i loved the comedy in the first half, and loved the drama in the 2nd half. the film has also high production values, the music is superb,the locations are amazing and Anil Mehta cinematography is top notch as usual.
    the film is little lengthy( which I didn’t care about), and it could use some editing…otherwise, this was a very entertaining , thought provoking film that i didn’t expect from Karan Johar and Shahrukh khan did in this movie because its simply happen to me! and if i have right i will give Shahrukh khan prize as a BEST Actor EVER on this role

    November 25, 16
  • This movie was excellent, first movie to be probably be not influenced by Hollywood, I think that is one of the several things that made me want to see this movie.
    Excellent in all aspects and I hope to see Bollywood doing similar things in the future. Shah Rukh and Rani once again proved their work to be at the highest level of all celebrities. I own the DVD now and I watch every once in awhile, the dialogues were great, as is the scenery, the costumes, the screenplay, the songs and everyone in the movie. It definitely put a spell on me, such a beautiful love story. Amazingly portrayed, I would definitely read the book.

    November 25, 16
  • We have all seen the media juggernaut and hype built up around this SRK movie from nearly half a year.
    From the moment I saw the first trailer, I knew this movie wouldn’t try to break any new ground in terms of story telling because lets face it, nobody wants to experiment with such a huge budget riding on the movie. I expected lots of comedy and some good cgi effects. I didn’t go into the theaters expecting an Iron Man and so I didn’t hate the movie. Quite the contrary, I enjoyed it. Also the effort put by SRK to do something different, putting his name on the line should be highly appreciated.
    Shekhar Subramaniam is a Tamilian who works as a game developer in a multinational company in London. To impress his son, he programs a game in which the villain is more powerful than the superhero and they both have artificial intelligence embedded in their programs. But due to another new technology by which the waves around us can create solid objects, the villain, Ra.One emerges out of the game with a vengeance to kill “Lucifer” aka, Shekhar’s son. Along his quest in finding out who the real Lucifer is, Ra.One kills Shekhar. To save him and his mother Sonia, the superhero G.One comes out of the game and thus begins the story of Ra.One.
    THE FLAWS: Lots of low-brow humor which is not in good taste, like G.One spanking Kareena, the gratuitous shots of the female anatomy (I thought this was supposed to be a family friendly affair), Ra.One saying after killing a grandma – “I hate Chinese”, lots of pelvic thrusts and crotch grabbing and many others like this. Another flaw is the direction and editing which doesn’t gel the story. Hell, even Rajnikanth’s “Endhiran” (Robot) had a great flow to the story. The kid, Prateek (Lucifer) is just like any other sheltered rich kid. Beat the idiot and make him understand what is right or what is wrong. Don’t give into his every whims and desires! I didn’t like the kid’s performance one bit. Somebody give him a haircut while giving him acting lessons too.
    The message of good always triumphing over evil comes off as ridiculously cheesy. The actors, nor the story could convince me of this message. Many scenes in the movie reminded me of Endhiran (Robot) which is not necessarily a bad thing, but just a little nag of mine. But in terms of special effects and entertainment value, this movie is way superior to that one. We all know Kareena can act wonderfully if the script is right, but here she’s reduced to nothing more than an eye-candy. That is very disappointing to the say the least (though I’m not complaining because she’s gorgeous and I loved her in the song-dance sequences, and the comedy scenes). In my opinion she got over the death of her husband way too quickly. The villain Ra.One was under-utilized in my opinion. Again, these faults lies with the director.
    Lots of people say G.One acquired human emotions too easily and he felt empathy when there shouldn’t have been none in the first place. I have to disagree with most of you here. Ra.One and G.One had an evolving artificial intelligence which led them to have emotions and grow their personality. But the writing doesn’t actually show this properly. And just because a guy wears cool dark glasses, a black jacket and looks menacing doesn’t automatically make him a Terminator or Mr. Smith.
    THE GOOD: This is the first of its kind in such a huge magnitude in Bollywood, lets give it some leeway. I hope it paves the way for more intelligent sci-fi/superhero movies in our industry. SRK’s acting is really top-notch. He is hilarious as the Tamilian and when the time came to be a superhero, he did good. Many scenes in Shekhar’s hometown were completely likable. The special effects were awesome for a Bollywood movie. You can see that they went for the Transformers-esque effect when Ra.One transforms. One more brilliant addition to the movie was the use of guest stars in Rajnikanth (with his trademark ROBOT movie dialogue). Then Sanjay Dutt and Priyanka Chopra’s scene was straight out awesome in the old Hindi movie style, of the hero saving the day and getting the girl. The fight scenes, every one of them were awesome! What little screen presence Ra.One (Arjun Rampal) had, he was a force to be reckoned with.
    And what can I say about the music and songs – they are PERFECT! Loved all the songs in the movie. The climax left a glimmer of hope for a possible Ra.One – Part 2. If that happens, I just hope its more intelligent, well written and Anubhav Sinha is nowhere near it. For the first step in trying to create an Indian foothold in the world movie stage which has now been dominated by Hollywood films, I have to say Ra.One is off to a solid start. It was an experimental cinema woven in commercialism and grandeur production values.
    FINAL WORD: It all depends on what you expected from this movie. You just can’t expect a DDLJ, nor a niche superhero movie. For what it was advertised – a sci-fi movie where the superhero has a heart of gold, this movie was quite entertaining. To each his own, you just have to watch “Ra.One” and decide for yourself. Just kick back, relax and let go, you may enjoy it.

    November 25, 16
  • This movie was beautifully produced for a Bollywood movie. I even suspect that it can be listed with the all time greats such as Mission Impossible.
    The action sequences are brilliant and not overdone (which is rare for Bollywood). The story is extremely amazing and there are a few twists and turns that I was not expecting at all. The movie is very suspenseful, yet it grabbed my attention. I was in the theater and I don’t think that there was one person in there who was not screaming! From Don’s entry all the way to the romantic dialogues, this is a much watch film for Bollywood lovers. To keep it short and to the point: SRK was brilliant (as he is most of the time, but the villainous role was brilliantly done), Priyanka was quite good (even though she wasn’t in the movie that much), and Boman Irani and the person who played Jabbar were quite good as well. Acting: 9/10, Screenplay: 10/10, Dialogues: 9/10, and overall: 9/10.

    November 25, 16
  • After English Vinglish, Gauri Shinde is Back with Bang! She Directed the film very well. Music is simply Soulful, #LoveYouZindagi is already HIT Among the Youth.
    Cinematography is Eye Catching. Watertight Story & Screenplay. There is no dull moment throughout the flick. Fast Paced First & Second Half. That’s the USP of the film. Classy Production Designing, Editing is Sharp & Crispy. Climax is simply Outstanding. Dialogues are well written & wonderful at many places. The show belongs to Alia Bhatt, Alia looks stunning and surrenders herself completely to the director’s vision and delivers a knockout performance. The film will make even the skeptics take a note of Alia’s talent, as she handles several challenging episodes in the film like a seasoned, mature performer. Her lengthy sequence in the climax is absolutely terrific. Shahrukh Khan Steals the Show all the Way. He gave Top Notch Performance. He is the REAL KING of Bollywood. What a Terrific Performance by him! His best film since My Name Is Khan? Also, outstanding Performances by all Supporting Actors Kunal Kapoor, Angad Bedi & Ali Zafar. On the whole, DEAR ZINDAGI is a remarkable motion picture. It’s amusing, emotional, heartrending and also insightful. An inspiring film with an overwhelming message. A must-watch for Youth. Strongly Recommended to all of u

    November 25, 16