• The sequel ‘Force 2’ is primarily about the RAW, about heartily saluting our bold, daring and brave RAW soldiers who die for their homeland and also when caught are not recognized by their own nation too.

    Having in lead John and Sonakshi, the film starts with a heroic entry of John Abraham (ACP Yashvardhan). So, a few RAW agents in China are killed and of the few one was Yashvardhan’s best friend, he before dying informs Yash to help out all the other agents from just dying. Then Yash with KK (Sonakshi Sinha), who too is a special agent go to Budapest to save all the RAW agents. While in the investigation, the both get to know the killer and from then on the thief-police game starts between them and the main antagonist (Tahir Raj Bhasin). What will happen and will both be able to save the RAW agents who are alive or something else lies in the story.

    The duo John, Sonakshi are seen all through the film fighting and beating many. There is nothing groovy in their acts here excluding their appreciative action talent and their emulation. And watching Tahir on the screen keeps everyone engaged and just entirely mingled with the film. He is pleasing and really fantastic, with guilt less face he easily attains audience interests and also through his stellar act.

    Abhinay’s direction is indeed a laborious one and the very interesting part of the film is the action itself, genuine, shot well and the story too. He has released the film on the right time.

    A few denials of the film one can spot is the music, mainly the recreated song – O Jaaniya, it bores. A bit common sense too doesn’t find its way. And some scenes are also devoid of originality and completeness.

    The Final Words – This is a film that shows us the reality about RAW agents who get killed in many countries, since their identity gets revealed. They do not even get fame, reverent and dignity, not even they are praised after doing so much for the nation and neither their family is taken care of by the Government. They might remain anonymous for many. But for themselves, their families and for their nation they are truly the best Heroes. A big salute to all the RAW agents.

    It is good to watch the film rather than read about it here.

    So, I am going with 6 stars out of 10 stars.

    November 20, 16
  • The film has 2 parallel stories where in the former; the plot is archaic type, where we see Harshvardhan on a horse, riding, competing with someone to marry Saiyami. There are no dialogues but picturesque scenes speak well about the plot, the bow-arrow portion and the fire ball effects but one cannot get to know the story precisely and what does it relate to ending in the death of the hero.

    The latter portion is contemporary in its theme in which both Harshvardhan(Monish) and Saiyami(Suchitra) are good childhood friends. Both study in the same class but then Monish does a crime that sends him to a juvenile home wherein he escapes easily. And Suchitra goes abroad to study. After many years, Suchitra with her education is seen entering into matrimony with a prince in India. She then learns horse riding and Adil, who was actually Monish teaches her. Whether the lovers of yore unite is to be watched.

    The movie is full of irrelevant music and dance sequences that suddenly come up wherein women and men dance in different Rajasthani forms. And even the scenes from the past keep popping up in between which just bores the viewer and kind of infuriates them. Histrionic talents lie latent and unexplored in the film.

    Mirzya is a film that had many anticipations, it just fails to fulfil that and turns out to be an epic bore romantic drama. It is so dull that one can’t even sit awake, till the intermission comes with full concentration. It is meant for fluid minds and you can see it if you like musical dramas. I am giving it 4 stars.

    October 13, 16
  • A film engaging, gripping and an enthralling venture about the Mega star M.S Dhoni’s life’s obstacles, endeavours, and luckily the obsessions.

    In Ranchi, a boy is born – Mahi, his nick name, in his teens, plays cricket. He single-mindedly tries to focus only on his game and thereupon slowly but steadily he progresses so much through his way that he creates mileposts, brings laurels, and is highly praised by each and every person. He then gets through his biggest achievement by winning the 2011 World Cup as the Indian Team’s Captain. And the plot in the middle mainly describes about his struggles, hard work, ups and downs, love, and the winning.

    Dhoni’s character has been played very well and precisely by Sushant, who does correspond to Dhoni’s peculiar quality, skills, and attributes. Priyanka(Disha) and Sakshi(Kiran) are his love interests. Unfortunately, Priyanka dies and he marries Sakshi. Anupam plays Dhoni’s father, who is always concerned about his son’s future but later on he is happy to have Dhoni as his son.

    This is a film that teaches us how to go for your interests. Inside everyone there is a curiosity to do something prodigious. Not only a man like Dhoni can gain success but many can also. What’s needed is the relentless mind and sincerity. Just make a go for something and see what happens.

    Overall, the film is an enjoyable theatrical obligation for all cricket fans and is a presentation that constantly inculcates laborious signs and exertions.

    October 10, 16
  • What’s shown in ‘Pink’ is absolutely a replica of things rampant in society that are still a hidden entity. So, the plot begins with a threesome group of girls, who stay in an apartment in Delhi. Once, while enjoying in a Rock Show the trio meets 3 men, befriend them and go to have dinner in a resort at night. The plot is then indicative of something ominous in the lives of the 3 independent working women since one of them slams an alcoholic bottle on one of the men’s face as a result of undignified behaviour, partially damaging his eyes. Then this matter ends up in the court where Deepak Sehgal (Amitabh), a famous lawyer opposes the prosecution party and rescues the girls from the desperate situation. The film also depicts the saga of traumatisation of these girls in the simmering surrounding.
    And what seems to work better is the screenplay, direction, the principal photography itself and above all the story and the great acts. Amitabh, Taapsee, and others are easily convincing and earnestly appealing. Shoojit Sircar is at his best apex as the director, and is already a sole contender of many awards. And the Art director Jivitesh Mazumdar happens to be the scintillating alumnus of the prestigious The Scindia School, Fort – Gwalior. His work is much appreciable.
    My last word for the film is that this is a film so authentic that one can’t turn away from its righteous fable influencing impact. It showcases the exclusive law system in India and tries to blot out the disrespectful mentality towards women. So, one should always honour a woman since a woman in herself is so true a dignified title and an embodiment of solemn kind.
    I am going with a solid 8 on 10 stars.

    September 26, 16
  • What’s shown in ‘Pink’ is absolutely a replica of things rampant in society that are still a hidden entity. So, the plot begins with a threesome group of girls, who stay in an apartment in Delhi. Once, while enjoying in a Rock Show the trio meets 3 men, befriend them and go to have dinner in a resort at night. The plot is then indicative of something ominous in the lives of the 3 independent working women since one of them slams an alcoholic bottle on one of the men’s face as a result of undignified behaviour, partially damaging his eyes. Then this matter ends up in the court where Deepak Sehgal (Amitabh), a famous lawyer opposes the prosecution party and rescues the girls from the desperate situation. The film also depicts the saga of traumatisation of these girls in the simmering surrounding.
    And what seems to work better is the screenplay, direction, the principal photography itself and above all the story and the great acts. Amitabh, Taapsee, and others are easily convincing and earnestly appealing. Shoojit Sircar is at his best apex as the director, and is already a sole contender of many awards. And the Art director Jivitesh Mazumdar happens to be the scintillating alumnus of the prestigious The Scindia School, Fort – Gwalior. His work is much appreciable.
    My last word for the film is that this is a film so authentic that one can’t turn away from its righteous fable influencing impact. It showcases the exclusive law system in India and tries to blot out the disrespectful mentality towards women. So, one should always honour a woman since a woman in herself is so true a dignified title and an embodiment of solemn kind.
    I am going with a solid on 10 stars.

    September 26, 16
  • Akira is really a delightful women centric film that not only impacts highly the essence of being a woman. But also in addition, highlights inherent women’s power, warmth, and strength in an otherwise male dominated society.
    It starts from Jodhpur, where we see a young Akira maturing into a sensible youth¬. Once accidently to defend herself she throws acid on a criminal’s face and this matter concludes in the young Akira’s confinement for 3 years in a remand home. Later on she moves to Mumbai to pursue her graduation and the Hostel accommodation mistakenly entraps her in a very bizarre situation where she is traumatized, tortured and is psychologically and emotionally broken down into fragments.
    A sub-plot of the film involves an ACP (Anurag) and his 3 officers. They are wicked men who through their malevolence try to harm people. Once, while frolicking on the highway they witness a car accident in which they walk away with the dead driver’s money leaving the victim unattended. So, one needs to discover the future spin of the story to appreciate the director’s view-point and how Akira is involved in the plot.
    For many, Sonakshi as Akira is just lukewarm. One can easily be pleased by her subtle skills (especially the action) and her dramatically histrionical talent. Overall it appears convincing to see her impactful performance on women.
    Anurag is the main lead antagonist here whose perfectly compelling aggressive character and villainous performance is laudable again giving him tremendous success. And above all he showcases himself as a talented actor of contemporary times.
    Konkona is also a part of the film and she plays a pregnant lady cop who tries to lift up the curtain of the villains. Of the 3 main characters, though she might appear in fewer scenes, yet she walks away with maximum impact on the audience. Other actors do a fine job with mastered skills imbued in the script. And the man of honour, director Ar murugadoss shines through the film. One can imagine his laborious efforts and time to create such an intricate story with morality mixed in it. The screen play and the appropriate background score that is conducive to this theatrical thriller do satisfy the viewer.
    What goes slightly awry with the film is the marginal deviation from common intelligence that’s all. On the whole it is a good watch and I urge everyone to please watch this film – A film par excellence.
    I rate it with 7 stars.

    September 05, 16
  • Mohenjodaro is one of the biggest Hrithik Roshan films of an archaic genre that is somewhat related to the Indus Valley Civilisation. But just forget completely history and come to romance and vindictiveness and entertainment which one will surely see after having watched this film.

    So the film is about a farmer Sarman(Hrithik), who goes to Mohenjodaro for selling his products. He there sees plutocracy, fights for it. But then is stopped. He decides to return. But he sees Chaani(Pooja), a devi’s gift to Mohenjodaro who charmingly arouses his interest. He falls for her and decides to stays there only. And till the intermission their love story continues and keeps on inflaming one’s anticipations and adrenaline both. Post the 1st half the film picks and from then on the viewer can with much ease engage himself since it is shown that Sarman is the Real prince of Mohenjodaro since his father was the King before but was killed by Mahim, the present ruler of Mohenjodaro and was falsely blamed to be a betrayer for the people. Sarman is then desirous for revenge and with a vengeance succeds.

    Hrithik and Pooja as Sarman and Chani respectively do fully recognize the worth of their characters and do justice to their roles. But somewhere terribly they impact marginally just tepid in their performances. The film is more annihilated due to its lengthy runtime cum romance and plot. Not a mandatory watch since it is poorly executed, sharply irritable and insatiates one. I’m going with 4 stars for this Mega Mediocrity.

    August 21, 16
  • Set in the late 1950s, the film is primarily based on the life of a Naval Officer named Rustom Pavri( Akshay Kumar). The film begins with a happy start where we see Rustom marry Cynthia(Ileana D’cruzp). Rustom is completely a nation devotee, earnestly sincere in his job and has the capability to do something for the nation. And a good husband too. He lives with his charming wife. Both are compatible, loving and adoring very much. Everything works well. But the plot then indicates a spin in Rustom’s life when he gets to know about her infidelity with Vikram Makhija. He falls of the familiarity and the trust of her wife and gets deeply mutilated from the insides. He then causes the death of Vikram Makhija by shooting him with 3 shots. And from then the plot becomes so much enthralling typically involving crime that one is easily in the thrall of the director. Rustom then is tried for the court and he appeals that he is not guilty of the crime. What will happen now. Just see the film to know what lies ahead.

    Akshay act this time too is much appreciable as the assertive and intelligent Naval Officer. He involves himself so much that one cannot turn away from his just dignified appearance. Ileana is too is perfect as his wife and showcases sensations for him at the right time and above all her manner and style just surpasses splendours which have been put up by other actors in their fims. Esha on the other part of her tries to spruce up the film as much as she can by playing the beautiful more and less bullish woman who fights for her brother and antagonizes Rustom. Even the dialogues of the film are agreeable and the direction is pleasant.

    So, this Independence feel the great anxious uncertainity about what may happen in the film by watch it at the nearest cinemas and feel the adrenaline rush. Many Thanks to Tinu Suresh Desai for presenting this type of film. 1 more than 5 stars for the film.

    August 12, 16
  • The film has been directed by Rohit Dhawan. He explains the whole plot of 36 hours in an accurately 120 minutes run time. His story starts from the topic of Cricket. A Batsman named Viraj (one of the very best cricketers) gets kidnapped by an unknown person just one and a half day before the much awaited India-Pak match. Then we see John Abraham come from India to find Viraj. He is from Special Task Force Department. He with Junaid, a fool cum slightly smart character played by Varun try to solve this out. And midst of this hustle bustle the duo meets Jacqueline, who is genuinely a wasted artist. And fails to add some glamour to the film. Wil the trio be able to dissolve out this spectre for India?
    In the Star Performances Varun-John’s bromance will be remembered the most. Akshay Kumar and Nargis Fakhri and Parineeti Chopra do not add any colours to the film and lack completeness in their cameos. Also Akshay might jeopardize his personality as one of the big actors. Jacqueline does not need any special mention and like as always she remains spiritless. Both the Dhawan brothers fail to enthral the audience this time since Rohit lacks originality whereas Varun is awfully overacting. But the show is stolen by John’s impressively well-made character. Also we have Akshaye Khanna in the film as the villain and we see him do a perfect job.
    Overall Dishoom is dizzily attractive not only for the dialogues and the screenplays. But in addition for few gags devoid of humour. It fails to illuminate the real cop concept fairly and slightly collapses from the expected mark not giving anything new. The film lends itself 5 stars.

    August 09, 16
  • YRF and Salman’s Sultan is a film about redemption, devotion, enthusiasm, passion, love and a lesson too. Salman is Sultan Ali Khan, a dedicated wrestler from Haryana who has a passion to achieve a gold medal at the Olympics. Then he meets Aarfa(Anushka) who too is a top female wrestler of Haryana. He falls in love for her. Duo have a especial interest for wrestling. Then to woo her he starts to train himself and creates mileposts. Also he wins at the Olympics. And marries Aarfa. With a lot of increase and publicity in his stardom he witnesses a fall. What will happen? Will he rise again like before?
    Salman’s stellar act, Anushka’s rave appraisal, their very fine chemistry make the film more engaging. And also their wrestling goes good since both are able to entertain doing it.
    The music too is tuneful and pleasant. Mentions to ‘Baby ko bass’, ‘Jag ghoomeya’, Title track.
    Ali Abbas Zafar is the director. And does his job very well.
    6/10 stars for this sports film. A perfect entertaining Blockbuster.

    July 06, 16
  • Housefull 3 is one of the usual comedies which does not captures the intelligent mind but humours it well. This time the plot is more or less akin to its previous series. The story goes around 3 men viz. Sandy/Sundi (Akshay plays 2 characters), Teddy (Riteish), Bunty (Abhishek) who woo 3 rich women to get moolah and their property. They are then stopped by Batook Patel (Boman) their not genuine father who does not want to get his daughters married due to a big reason.
    Akshay and Riteish are very fine. Before all else Akshay emulates exceedingly well where he plays 2 characters with any ease. And on the other hand Riteish – The Comedy Mascot of our Bollywood too is pleasurably very entertaining. Duo accompanied with junior Bachchan spruce up the film. Fashionistas Jacqueline, Nargis, Lisa are able to addict the viewer by their very nubile liveliness. Very stylishly and with a great delight trio adds an exciting quality to the film. But what goes weak with them is their feeble act show cum their fuss.
    The music and the background score too is engaging. From high beats to emotional ones it tastes tasty. And well surprisingly what gets damaged in the film are the dialogues itself – completely silly, senseless, unrealistic but slightly humorous. Also the story and the script lack intelligence. The writers need to improve and rise. My last words for this mega franchise are that do watch the film with your family and enjoy the joyful ecstatic excitement thoroughly. A keen watch for comedy loving cinephiles. I am going with 5/10 stars. Well done Sajid-Farhad!!!

    June 12, 16
  • Sarbjits’ story is not only about difficulty or a very long time tussle made by a sister. It is about a great deal of endurance, courage and tolerance too. Aishwarya Rai is Dalbir Kaur here, Sarbjits‘ sister. Sarbjit is a farmer in Punjab near Indian-Pak border. On one night he is fully drunk and mistakenly crosses the border and gets arrested by the Pakistani soldiers. He is then forced to be Ranjit Singh, for carrying out harmful bomb blasts. He is not guilty of the crime. Then his sister seeks just behaviour and justice for him and tries to prove him innocent. Then what would happen? Dalbir Kaur is on the way to rescue Sarbjit.
    Sukhpreet (Richa Chaddha) is Sarbjits’ wife who loves him very much and prays the all mighty to rescue him as soon as very possible. Randeep Hooda plays Sarbjit. He is very first rate and emulates exceptionally well. And Aishwarya is somewhat failing at her performance. Nonetheless eloquence of her dialogues create the very most appropriate impact.
    Omung Kumar direction mastery is appreciating. He manages to show the viewer what Sarbjit had been through from the jail scenes. The film is made very clearly and is fully filled with emotions, courage and a race. When Dalbir sees finally Sarbjit it jerks you deeply, making you shed tears. A Spiritual High – rise.

    May 24, 16
  • Marvels’ Captain America: Civil War is a very good cinema film. It is one of the very most awaiting films of 2016 and like recent release Dawn of Justice this film too doesn’t fail and easily thrills a viewer’s admiration.
    The story revolves in Nigeria where all the Avengers work on a mission which results in a huge destruction. A political pressure is on them since responsibility for their actions is expected. So, the UN intervenes and put all of them under a bureaucratic control. This forms a division between the Avengers – Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downy Jr). Captain America goes against the idea of arranging them to the government where on the other side Iron man is convinced that a control is required for them to function responsibly. Duo chooses to follow their own path and fight one another where Black Widow, Falcon, Hawkeye are forced to pick the sides. What will happen now?
    The star cast of the film is at its very best level. All of them are phenomenal. The very interesting portion of the film is that it has a great support coming from the previous Avengers films. Reasoning between Captain America and Iron Man doesn’t seem shocking and is highly reasonable. Black Panther is a new one added here. He is appreciative and has a perfect reason too. Also Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) is fine and mediates the two opposing avengers. One negative I found in the film is its 2 and a half hour long run-time only. Still the directors (Anthony Russo, Joe Russo) easily manage to captivate and addict the viewer interest.
    There is a very huge adrenaline rush one can get after watching this superhero masterly drama. It is one of the best Captain America films. Do watch it. I am going with 8 on 10.

    May 14, 16
  • All of us were told that this film is a biographical sports drama based on Mohammad Azharuddin’s life. But mind you this is not a Biopic since Tony D’Souza and his team declare that it is not of a biopic genre.
    Emraan Hashmi plays Mohammad Azharuddin, a tireless, spirited and passionate cricketer. He is India’s’ Cricket team Captain and leads the game very successfully. Naureen (Prachi Desai) is his wife who is warm loving and has a strong attachment with him. Duo meet in an arrange marriage. Then in london he meets the alluring actress Sangeeta Bijlani (Nargis Fakhri) and falls in love with her being aware of his marital status. He is then caught in a match fixing and his dreadful life starts leading to bizarre situations and court rooms.
    Emraan emulates well but gets slightly defeated by the dull act show he puts up . He is not immediately very convincing. Prachi has very few scenes but creates a good impact, she is able to exhibit wife’s emotions very clearly . And Nargis completely dissappoints. She fails to get in the character as the beautiful Sangeeta. She is a misfit. Lawyers (Lara Dutta and Kunal Roy Kapur) do justice to their roles and are morally good.
    What does not work as well are the court room scenes and some needlessly placed dialogues and acts too. The Director would perceive shortly from the reviews that dousing the appetite with an overdose of long run time and acts and also court scenes partially annihilates the film causing indigestion. Neither this film has a message beyond nor any plus point. It praises Azharuddin as a scapegoat and a loser too. A dismay for all the cricket fans. I am going with 4 stars – A Flimsy Film.

    May 14, 16
  • The Jungle Book is an illustrious jungle glitzy tale to watch on a big screen. Based on Rudyard Kipling’s famous book ‘The Jungle Book’, the film is about a boy named Mowgli and his adventurous vitality in the jungle. It is a Disney film. And all of us can imagine that what a Disney film is like. A film with high bright 3D animation effects and the dream light abstract backgrounds and the high opulence of the sets. This film has it all in a more advanced manner. It is shot well and yes the boy who plays Mowgli is very good too. The acting and the vigorousness exhibited by him is commendable. He is completely engrossing himself as the prominent Mowgli. Animals of the jungle too are worthy of fulfilling one’s expectations. They are all crafted equally at their best. Shere khan is perilously very dangerous but fails to satisfy his gut with Mowgli’s soul. The Baloo Bear and the Panther Bagheera are very bright and helpful to Mowgli. Both always save him from the Lion by their artificial intelligence and physical strong strengths. Other animals’ viz. monkeys, snake, foxes, wolves are fairly satisfying and are well polished. The voices are vocalized by Bill Murray, Ben Kingsley, Idris Elba, Lupita Nyong’o, Scarlett Johansson. They are all successful in doing their job. Kudos to the Director and the graphic designers for the sumptuous spiriting animated effects and the frightening jungle of India and Mowgli and also the real looking animals. The film is currently hitting the theatres. And is on a very big stride to set new Box office trends on Bollywood. It is wholly replete with wonder and ecstasy. Do watch it. I am going with a solid 8.

    April 20, 16
  • Shahrukh Khan is Bollywood’s King. Not only is he renowned by many people but also has a creditable name publicized very well globally. Similarly, his films are also grand and merit publicity and are generally known and also are one of the most anticipating films of the year. His ‘Fan’ too is a big film. But the impact goes slightly tepid and makes the film an imperfect failure. I went inside the hall admiring a new thing from which I can learn something. But not anything pleases me at all.

    Shahrukh khan plays a dual role. On one side he is the leading jutting out Superstar Aryan Khanna. And in the other hand is his biggest fan – Gaurav, who has a great keenness to emote him and also admires him deeply as his all mighty. Like the trailers and the teasers everything in the film remains of a self-same type (especially the foreseeable format of the plot).

    Shahrukh delivers an acting performance worth high praises. His makeover as Gaurav is very monumental. And he is fully earnestly appealing.

    The film is fabricated under the banner Yash Raj Films. But the director and the makers are losing, fail to enrapture the viewer’s interests creating the film a haywire. Nevertheless, the dialogues are realistic and pleasant. And the film also takes a new spin post intermission. It is an average watch and deserves only 2.5 stars from me.

    April 20, 16
  • R.Balki’s ‘Ki and Ka’ is furnished with brawls between a husband- wife relations. His directorial represents the depth of a relationship in the institution of a marriage, which is portrayed exceedingly well. Here, the plot is intertwined as both exchange out their position. But for all those students who went to see the movie Arjun’s character is recognized the full worth of. Primarily, because of the all-encompassing humanness which is portrayed by him in the most consummate way. In the film, Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor are portray Husband and wife. Kareena is Kia, a pushy woman who is the bread winner of the house. She does her job beyond her wildest dream. She is attractively lively. And has verged on obsession other than her character which she plays. She yowls, howls and wails at Kabir, her husband who is a house husband and carries out household duties traditionally done by a housewife rather than going out to work. His admiration, endearment, intimacy for his wife compels him to take care of her in the gentlest way where he tends to her needs extending a helping hand in the daily chores, keeping track of social expectations from her. And above and all taking care of her mother too in the most reverent modus operandi. His character is attractive. And emulate him in totality in his communication skills. He casts an appreciative look and makes a go for it. He has a lot more vim from which he seems deeply vigorous. At last it is shown that Kia is jealous of Karan as he gets publicity. R. Balki’s direction is not so convincing. But he is able to contrive the film with his new conceptual abstract idea. His innovatory designs which are used by him in other of his films are good and are beneficial to the society. And what makes the film more beguiling is the melody itself. It pleases smooth to hear. Party song ‘High heels’ is recreated and is used in the film. Both Kia and Karan stagger the screen in the runtime of the song. Toying with the theme, the film is an average ambivalent watch about a married pair altercations. One can enjoy watching it.

    April 09, 16
  • Kapoor and sons (since 1921) is about two brothers Arjun (Siddharth Malhotra) and Rahul (Fawad Khan), their dreadful life which is filled with problems- Family problems. The duo are able to mediate disputes between their mom and dad. And also mollify out their blood pressure. In the film Alia (Tia) is a girl who falls in love partially with both. But later it is shown that Arjun makes a place in her heart. And we get to know that Rahul is homophobic and does not loves Tia. Now, when it comes to my impressionistic choices about what’s exceptionally good in the film is the music (comprising of party anthems and sentimental virtuoso). The music lends extravagant cheerfulness to the film. And gags which are meretricious, as they have a double meaning beyond the limits. And also Alia who deviates her character after the interval. She looks much like a teenager. But you will easily get past this as she is idyllic, intrepid and dishy (especially in shaking legs and waist in her dancing). She dazzles. Fawad and Siddharth are impressive rather than pretty. Both are handsome. While the duo fails to maintain the brothers trust and camaraderie. Yet they are well made and have appropriate quality in them. Old man Rishi Kapoor is conversant with his archaic look. It’s crikey! He is an elating grandfather who talks in an adult comedy mode – simply speaks double meaning and unintelligently. The mom and dad too suffice their character deeply. The film flies like a plane soaring in the 1st half. But precariously loses the grip and becomes dull in the later half. Direction is fairly appreciable and enough for a good family movie to watch. Dharma’s ‘Kapoor and Sons’ is a good hearted grandiose family entertainment. While the plot is akin to that of ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’. By virtue, it is a superficial display about family squabbles and a tendentious opinions to interpret them fairly. I am giving it 3 stars.

    March 19, 16
  • Corruption is a malignant act disease which is incurable. There are many corrupts individuals working in our Political system. And they escape the legal umbrella.
    Priyanka chopra in ‘Jai Gangaajal’ plays SP Abha mathur who is a righteous able, just law abiding and a vibrant police officer. She is the first female Superintendent of Bankepur District where people underrate the importance of police, corrupt politicians vandalize public properties and decapitate them by hanging to death. SP Abha is supercilious and fights against the plutocratic corrupt politicians. The film also has Director Prakash Jha showing his acting prowess. He makes his appreciative debut with the film. He is Bhola Nath Singh, a corrupt police officer who neglects his duty in order to help the nefarious politicians. He puts up a great act. Priyanka is more than good in her action sequences and portrays her character vigorously. At the end she is able to redeem Bankepur from hooliganism and violence. The music and background score of the film is just lame and vitiates the film much. Some so called ’Desi’ songs are
    unnecessarily placed and forces the viewer to go for a short loo break. Mr. Jha is a master, actor, a good story writer and a determined director too. He does everything for his film including acting. But I have many grouses to him regarding his film as of today. His film had a lot of expectations from the audiences and the critics. But fails to entertain the viewers because of the plot. He ameliorates the impact by repetitive references to political themes. As a result, though much was anticipated but Jha fails to gratify. He selected the appropriate villains who emulate well and fit bill. After some time Jha would realise that recurring violence in story may increase the adrenaline level and precipitate it losing its impact. While he is able to hold the viewer’s attention by his perspicuous dialogues and acting. It is good to watch him rather than read it.
    Prakash Jha’s ‘Jai Gangaajal’ is an average political treat and is an epitome of political thriller. The movie is a weal for all his fans who are compassionate for his films. It is a mediocre political innuendo. I am giving 4 deserving stars.

    March 07, 16
  • There is a lot of craze in today’s generation for Biopics and stories which are based on real events. About 17 Biopics have released in India till today. And are hits in their way. The buzz about a Biopic is increasing rapidly day by day. Movies like ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’ and ’Manjhi’ have inspired a lot of people. And have also bagged many nominations and Awards. ‘Neerja’ starring Sonam Kapoor is also a biopic on Neerja Bhanot, a flight purser who extricated 359 lives from flight Pan Am 73 which was hijacked in Pakistan in 1986. And became the youngest recipient of the Ashok Chakra. The movie stars Sonam Kapoor in lead role as Neerja Bhanot, a 23 year girl who dies in a gun shot while saving a group of children.
    Sonam Kapoor enacts her character with great panache and finesse, she emotes extremely well and has a fabled appearance. Her curvaceous face and expressive body structure completely reminds of a bona fide Neerja Bhanot. Shabana Azmi is a megastar, she does justice to her role and is very eloquent in her dialogues delivery.
    The music and background score of the film creates the appropriate impact on the viewers as a biopic should have. Director Ram Madhvani’s anecdote is well made, has a good screenplay and is replete with instances of heroic bravery. His direction work and laborious work done by his team is appealing and endearing to one and all. ‘Neerja’ is an amazing real story to watch on a big screen. The performances are appreciating and the direction stuff is just striving. Sonam Kapoor gives a startling performance. And she is already on a great stride after ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’. Her ‘Neerja’ is a spectacular display about a women who saved many lives. It is imbued with an attractive storyline, a good screenplay. And is relished with splendour appearances of Sonam Kapoor as Neerja Bhanot. It is a magnificent attraction. And a masterly parable. I’m going with 10 stars. And also a must see.

    February 19, 16