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Housefull 3

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Housefull 3 is a romantic comedy film that revolves around three men who try to convince a father that they are a perfect match for his daughters.Wikipedia

Housefull 3 Reviews

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


Jacqueline, Lisa and Nargis playing lassies in short skirts going by the name Ganga, Jamuna and Saraswati, coming up with the worst lines ever...

Anupama Chopra
Hindustan Times


There are a few scenes in which the lunacy hits the mark, but they are painfully infrequent. At one point Sandy, pretending to be wheelchair-bound, lunges at Bakul’s feet, saying: ‘Wheel payna papaji’. I had to laugh. The men – Akshay, Riteish and Abhishek Bachchan – all seem to be having fun and their energy keeps the engine running. But it’s not enough. And did I mention that Chunky Pandey reprises his role as Aakhri Pasta. In one scene, he appears disguised as the paravarik jyotish Akhri Aasta.It’s very tiring.

Rohit Vats
Hindustan Times


Though not as much of a riot as Welcome or Khiladi 786, you can count on the star cast and the crazy set-up to give you a good time.

Housefull 3's second most remarkable piece of acting comes from an army of CGI ants. To divulge more would be such a spoiler so I'll refrain.

The onus is eventually on Akshay, Riteish and Abhishek to give the film some direction. But all that they do is flow along with the mindless tale, often hitting dead-ends from where there can be no return to sanity.Housefull 3 is strictly for fans of the franchise. Are there any left?

Meena Iyer
Times Of India


If you have seen the two earlier installments of this franchise, you already know that is purely a 'leave-your-brains-behind' affair. The premise is a comedy of errors. But unlike Gulzar's gem Angoor (1982), this one is not about twins. It's so convoluted, it will make Shakespeare turn in his grave.

Race, colour, the differently abled — “Housefull 3″ spares no one, and if you are not offended by the end, you are likely to be bored out of your mind because it isn’t even funny.

Sarita Tanwar
DNA India


Housefull 3 is mad, irreverent and funny. And it has Akshay Kumar's outstanding return to comedy in one of his finest performances. Go for it.

Housefull 3 is a no-brainer that can be enjoyed only by fans of Akshay. For people seeking for good jokes, check into one of your WhatsApp groups!

...has all the constituents of an archetypal Hindi masala movie with hilarity, absurdity, humour, gags and punches in abundance. The film is a madcap entertainer which delivers guffaws, belly laughs and over-the-top slapstick humour in gigantic proportion. The film however is bound to get diverse reactions from the audiences. If you admire and relish these entertainers, and are passionate about cinema of this variety, then HOUSEFULL 3 is definitely a stress buster for you. Else, you can stay away from this. At the Box-Office, HOUSEFULL 3 will appeal only to the masses, the aam aadmi, who relish hardcore masala movies.


While the pace of the film is generally healthy, its comic energy flags every so often. Housefull 3 is salvaged somewhat by a wacky climax in a warehouse of wax models.But that isn't enough to dispel the bitter aftertaste of a first half dominated by unpalatable gags


Sajid-Farhad had ample opportunities to make a genuinely campy situational comedy but bungled it. The actors involved try their hardest to rise above the material given to them. They are all at ease with each other and a little more directorial effort would have made it a nice ensemble film. 


...may still find patronage among Akshay Kumar's die-hard fans and those who can laugh at anything. Leaving the rest to pray that this may be the 'Aakhri Pasta' (the last installment) of this no brainer that was once upon a time an entertainer...

Suprateek Chatterjee


Predictably, it all ends with an imbecilic climax that, within the Universal Spectrum of Silliness, lies between 'Scooby Doo' and 'Priyadarshan'. But then, it seems that Sajid-Farhad are content to stay in this space: it’s clearly working out for them. Meanwhile, the search for a truly good silly comedy from Bollywood continues.

This is not a politically correct film by any standards and is quite unapologetic about it, except for a forced, unwittingly hilarious scene where the girls talk about kindness towards handicapped people.

Subhash K Jha


Well Akshay, sorry to say this. But this is the most flaccid comedy of your career.

Audience Reviews for Housefull 3

  • Bindu Cherungath
    Bindu Cherungath
    126 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    Housefull 3, by Sajid-Farhad, is the third sequel of Housefull series. It is not that I don’t have sense of humour, but comedy genre has never impressed me. Probably I am yet to watch a good film from this genre. Housefull 3 also fails to generate any laughter. I wish, I could laugh, but the film is full of mindless humour. People who love comedy genre have also mentioned that the prequels were much better. I may not sound passionate at all while sharing my review about this film. I am sure, there is tremendous scope in our film industry to come up with genuine comedy flicks.

    The film begins with a robbery scene followed by the police officers arresting three thieves (Samir Kochchar and two others). Then the frames move to a NRI businessman Batook Patel (Boman Irani) settled in London, who proudly says that he loves his all the three daughters Ganga, Jamuna, Saraswati (Jacqueline, Lisa, Nargis respectively) and would never married them off. The logic behind his saying so is astrological; he is being conveyed that he would die the moment a son-in-law steps in their house, or a son-in-law looks at him or a son-in-law utters to him. Ganga, Jamuna and Sarswati try to find their own solutions for the same by asking their respective boy-friends Sandy / Sundi (Akshay Kumar) to act as a person confined to wheel chair, Teddy (Riteish Deshmukh) to act as a blind person and Bunty (Abhishek Bachchan) to act as a mute person. All three come to meet Batook Patel, ask his daughters’ hands and end up staying in their house. It doesn’t need mention that the boys were eying the property of the girls. Rest of the film revolves around the situations generated to safeguard themselves from Batook’s eyes and also to win him over.

    Jacky shroff plays the role of a gangster Urja Nagre. What is the connection between him and Batook. Who are the three thieves shown in the beginning of the film? Whether Sandy, Teddy, Bunty are able to marry their love interests? How many of the people are claiming Batook’s property? How does Batook handle his girls’ love interests? Does he yield to them? How does the real picture come into play? What chaos is created as the film unfold?

    I really have a problem with the script of the film. Is it required to make a mockery of the handicap / disability to generate sense of laughter? The song ‘Taang Uthake’ and choreography is aweful. Girls’ dialogues translate the English phrases literally into Hindi, gets repetitive and lacks humour.

    As far as the cast and crew is concerned, indeed Akshay, Riteish and Abhishek are good with the comic timings. I liked Riteish of the three. Girls don’t have much to do. Music is average.

    Watch Housefull 3 at your own risk. I don’t recommend this film, but if you just want to watch and forget a film, please go and watch this film, which has just a few scenes of laughter.

    June 05, 16
  • Tejas Nair
    Tejas Nair
    258 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    The third film in the popular yet low-quality comedy franchise, Housefull 3 doesn't try much to impress. So it ends up with its predecessors in the Bollywood abyss where all bad movies go.

    Sandy (Kumar), Bunty (Bachchan), and Teddy (Deshmukh) are in love with Ganga (Fernandez), Saraswati (Fakhri), and Jamuna (Haydon), respectively, mostly because they are the rich daughters of Batook (Irani), a Gujarati NRI with a bad sense of humor. Because things are rather messy and there are couple of skeletons up in the cupboard, Batook wants his daughters to marry some other blokes; so he refuses to meet their beaus. However, the daughters manage to introduce the trio to their father by asking them to fake some disability. So Sandy becomes a cripple, Bunty becomes a man with no voice, and Teddy pretends to be blind. So you get the idea how the jokes are formed and what ensues further in the plot, along with few slightly unnecessary side arcs.

    While there is some good old average comedy here to chuckle at, the main problem with Housefull 3 is that it spends 2 hours in making fun of various disabilities, races, and languages, and then towards the climax tries to absolve itself with a confession. It's all good in light-heart, but the overall effect that it gives is mostly unpalatable.

    That's it, there's not much else to say here as anyone who has seen any of the previous two films can deduce the story from what information I have provided. The three lead actors are funny to watch, compared to the female leads' performances; they are rather clumsy and pouty in their approach. Songs are dim and so are the montages.

    BOTTOM LINE: Sajid-Farhad's Housefull 3 is nothing different from its predecessors and all it provides is few chuckles that may not be welcome in the type of country that India has now become (in the wake of Tanmay Bhatt's Snapchat video controversy). Wait for TV premiere and switch between channels during commercials.

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

    June 04, 16
  • Shree Hari H
    Shree Hari H
    19 reviews
    Senior Reviewer

    I can’t recollect the last time I watched a genuinely good Bollywood comedy – one that earned its laughs rather than pummelling its audience into submission with a sledgehammer.
    It was with great trepidation, thus, that I entered the cinema hall to watch Housefull 3; given Sajid-Farhad’s less-than-enviable filmography, it was rather unlikely that their latest venture would be anything other than a cinematic Apocalypse.
    Needless to say, some – if not all – of my worst fears were confirmed.
    Housefull 3 is cheerfully crude, laboriously long and painfully pretentious.
    Most unforgivably though – the film is just flat-out boring.
    The underlying premise remains the same as that of the previous two installments – three boys and three girls manage to find themselves entangled in a ridiculously convoluted situation, largely thanks to the many dim-witted choices that they make over the course of the film.
    This is a film that brims with solid comic potential, and in the right hands this could have turned out to be one hell of a rollicking entertainer.
    There are a few gags that land their punches well enough – especially those that involve a lot of self-deprecation.
    All three leading men – Akshay Kumar, Riteish Deshmukh and Abhishek Bachchan – throw themselves wholeheartedly into their half-baked roles, and this earnestness helps propel the film forward.
    The ladies however remain woefully bereft of anything that even remotely resembles a well-crafted story arc.
    There was a time when I found myself pondering over what might have prompted Sajid Khan all those years ago to spell his franchise’s name the way he did.
    Hark, the mystery stands resolved: the extra ‘L’ is for Ludicrity.

    January 12, 17
  • Aniket Parihar
    Aniket Parihar
    23 reviews
    Senior Reviewer

    Housefull 3 is one of the usual comedies which does not captures the intelligent mind but humours it well. This time the plot is more or less akin to its previous series. The story goes around 3 men viz. Sandy/Sundi (Akshay plays 2 characters), Teddy (Riteish), Bunty (Abhishek) who woo 3 rich women to get moolah and their property. They are then stopped by Batook Patel (Boman) their not genuine father who does not want to get his daughters married due to a big reason.
    Akshay and Riteish are very fine. Before all else Akshay emulates exceedingly well where he plays 2 characters with any ease. And on the other hand Riteish – The Comedy Mascot of our Bollywood too is pleasurably very entertaining. Duo accompanied with junior Bachchan spruce up the film. Fashionistas Jacqueline, Nargis, Lisa are able to addict the viewer by their very nubile liveliness. Very stylishly and with a great delight trio adds an exciting quality to the film. But what goes weak with them is their feeble act show cum their fuss.
    The music and the background score too is engaging. From high beats to emotional ones it tastes tasty. And well surprisingly what gets damaged in the film are the dialogues itself – completely silly, senseless, unrealistic but slightly humorous. Also the story and the script lack intelligence. The writers need to improve and rise. My last words for this mega franchise are that do watch the film with your family and enjoy the joyful ecstatic excitement thoroughly. A keen watch for comedy loving cinephiles. I am going with 5/10 stars. Well done Sajid-Farhad!!!

    June 12, 16