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When India's top batsman goes missing in the Middle East, two cops from either side of the Arabian Sea team up for a 36-hour manhunt.Wikipedia

Dishoom Reviews


You won’t remember Dishoom for its plot or for its performances. It’s like junk food that’s meant to be savored in the moment, but cannot be counted on for nutrition. At two hours flat it’s that rare masala film that doesn’t overstay its welcome.

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


John Abraham and Varun Dhawan's movie is designed like a fast-paced caper but lacks impact. It shines in bits and pieces but the rest is a stretch.

Raja Sen


The film keeps trying to concentrate on the plot, which is weak, and because the action scenes and chases are long and repetitive, merely changing backgrounds don’t help things as much.

Rohit Vats
Hindustan Times


The relatively short length of the movie (124 minute) helps Dishoom rise above the clichés. It’s a formula potboiler that serves the purpose of entertainment if you’re looking for some light moments.

Mehul S Thakkar
Deccan Chronicle


This is an out and out pot boiler film which does have its moment where logic can be questioned. But as long as the film keeps you entertained, it won't hurt watching this film.

Once the flaky fizz vaporises into nonsense and noise, a sense of tedium begins to steep in. Even so, at its 124 minutes running time, Dishoom doesn’t hobble for too long to hurt one’s butt or brain.

The audience sits through the cacophony hoping for a genuine knockout blow to be delivered somewhere down the line. It never materialises. Dishoom doesn't land a single half-decent punch.

Srijana Mitra Das
Times Of India


As an entertainer, Dishoom delivers. If you're good with laughter, not logic, Dishoom is actually two much fun.

The only redeeming quality of this film is Varun Dhawan and his comic timing that lightens the mood and makes some lines funnier than they would have been otherwise.

Sarita Tanwar
DNA India


Despite the potholes, Dishoom is a fun for most part. Watch it for the John-Varun bromance and Akshay Kumar’s outrageous cameo.


...despite its decent-enough story, doesn't quite make a mark on the mind. The film is a crowd-pleaser, especially when Saare Jahan Se Achha plays in the background and you need to deal with the goosebumps.

As far as buddy cop films go, Dishoom is partly enjoyable. Varun Dhawan is entertaining and the only highlight other than the action in the film.

DISHOOM has a predictable storyline. However, the engaging narrative, coupled with rich visuals and high octane action work in the favour of the film. Add to this the star power of John Abraham and Varun Dhawan which will definitely attract the youth. At the box office, the film faces no competion for next two weeks and hence it will ensure good returns to the makers.

I wish a film that looked so good, would have felt that good as well.Despite all the swag, this is one is tepid show.


The basic requisite of enjoying Dishoom is to not have any heavy duty expectations. This film by director Rohit Dhawan is the same brand of easy entertainment that his dad was known for. The movie starts with a song (Toh dishoom) and it ends with a song (Jaaneman). The new age filmmaker has just added a whole lot of style to the same old substance. And as it did 20 years ago, the gimmick still works out.


DISHOOM lacks imagination, it's formulaic but John and Varun make it watchable. Go for it if you love John and/or Varun or you are looking for a harmless fun.

Audience Reviews for Dishoom

  • Shashwat Sisodia
    Shashwat Sisodia
    300 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    Despite its many contrivances, 'Dishoom' of Rakesh Dhawan is actually far from unwatchable. Actually, it is even more than watchable with its testosterone-flunged action, and drama-soaked comedy especially delivered by Varun Dhawan. John Abraham as the 'Mr. Serious' is dangerously so, which is ridiculous but funny still. Akshay Kumar delivers a promising cameo, and Jacqueline and Parineeti (another cameo) are extremely watchable in their seductive hairstyle and unmatchable costumes. The writing is little, but the direction ensures that throughout the viewing the film remains a very entertaining one that never overstays its welcome and never rushes through. But it has undervalued substance which is smug, and beyond the style the film is a pure drag. It could have used much, much more delivery of humor than it does: real, funnier, more jokes. Also, some punch-liners immersed in desi-ness could have helped as well. These things do let down 'Dishoom', which otherwise is very enjoyable.

    October 28, 19
  • Tejas Nair
    Tejas Nair
    258 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    This adventure has some good action for fans of that genre, but it seems logic wasn't invited.

    When a popular Indian cricketer is kidnapped by an unknown assailant, the government sends Kabir (Abraham), a no-nonsense, disobedient, and beasty special ops officer, to Abu Dhabi to salvage the situation. He teams up with Junaid (Dhawan), a fledgling cop with a comic nerve. Together, they trace the cricketer's last known whereabouts, which becomes the foundation of the story.

    The first ten minutes will intrigue anyone who is interested in thrillers, but Kabir's entry with the arrogant, to-the-work attitude plays with our patience. To add to the annoyance comes Junaid in his perpetually oversmart air, trying to find humor in every effing thing around him. The narrative throws in characters and special appearances like that malfunctioning automatic tennis ball thrower which does not stop at all. We have Akshay Kumar playing a homosexual man who wants to see the protagonists in their unmentionables, Jacqueline Fernandez who plays a small-time, identity-stealing thief, Rahul Dev as a left hand guy, and finally Akshaye Khanna in a role that he portrays quite smoothly. Be that as it may, the character thrower does not stop even towards the end. And over everything, everyone in Abu Dhabi seem to understand and be able to converse in Hindi.

    Dishoom is just another of the mindless action comedies that rely on the lead actors' muscles and lead actresses' clefts; why else would they cast Nargis Fakhri in a 20-second role? There are a couple of twists and turns towards the second half which has the ability to keep the audience partially hooked. However, at the end of the whole charade, one WILL ask if it was worth it. And the answer will most probably be on the negative.

    Abraham does what he does best: showcasing of his fit bod. Dhawan complements him, but in addition, tries very hard to be funny. It was great to see both Dev and Khanna after a very long time. They both do a fine job. Had no expectations from the actresses because all they do nowadays in male-centric films is flash their assets and laugh at their male co-stars' jokes.

    The writing is stale, but the execution is what I have given four stars here for. Some good locations were chosen and some good angles in the photography. Overall, it's just an afternoon watch on Netflix six months from now.

    BOTTOM LINE: Rohit Dhawan's Dishoom is a rundown action film where the unintended humor wreaks havoc with the story flow, which is not that great in the first place. Wait for TV premiere!

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

    July 29, 16
  • Shuvoo Dasgupta
    Shuvoo Dasgupta
    10 reviews
    Senior Reviewer

    There are just nothing to enjoy.

    October 05, 17
  • Aniket Parihar
    Aniket Parihar
    23 reviews
    Senior Reviewer

    The film has been directed by Rohit Dhawan. He explains the whole plot of 36 hours in an accurately 120 minutes run time. His story starts from the topic of Cricket. A Batsman named Viraj (one of the very best cricketers) gets kidnapped by an unknown person just one and a half day before the much awaited India-Pak match. Then we see John Abraham come from India to find Viraj. He is from Special Task Force Department. He with Junaid, a fool cum slightly smart character played by Varun try to solve this out. And midst of this hustle bustle the duo meets Jacqueline, who is genuinely a wasted artist. And fails to add some glamour to the film. Wil the trio be able to dissolve out this spectre for India?
    In the Star Performances Varun-John’s bromance will be remembered the most. Akshay Kumar and Nargis Fakhri and Parineeti Chopra do not add any colours to the film and lack completeness in their cameos. Also Akshay might jeopardize his personality as one of the big actors. Jacqueline does not need any special mention and like as always she remains spiritless. Both the Dhawan brothers fail to enthral the audience this time since Rohit lacks originality whereas Varun is awfully overacting. But the show is stolen by John’s impressively well-made character. Also we have Akshaye Khanna in the film as the villain and we see him do a perfect job.
    Overall Dishoom is dizzily attractive not only for the dialogues and the screenplays. But in addition for few gags devoid of humour. It fails to illuminate the real cop concept fairly and slightly collapses from the expected mark not giving anything new. The film lends itself 5 stars.

    August 09, 16