• Andre Borges
    Andre Borges
    DNA India


    Sequels are always tricky, but the fun filled ride, experiments a whole lot in this one, and honestly that’s what works. It’s not like they left out the clichés​, they purposely put them in with great context, forcing you to laugh out loud. Throughout the film, you’ll find references to pop-culture, and the franchise in general.

  • Wait for the end credits, as it spoofs the whole notion of franchise, showcasing the detectives in different avatars – as med students, as veterinary students, Army school grads, even going undercover in a space school. This self-aware mockery really elevates it to another level.

    Go watch the film for some raucous laughter session with your mates…

  • Just like in the first movie, Schmidt and Jenko have one simple mission: go undercover in order to infiltrate the drug dealers and find the suppliers. With the issue of a ‘plot’ quickly out of the way, 22 Jump Street storms head-on into becoming the most bromantic movie we’ve seen.

  • Anuj Kumar
    Anuj Kumar
    The Hindu


    A street smart comedy that manages to regenerate the raucous atmosphere of the original.