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22 Jump Street

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22 Jump Street is a 2014 American action comedy film. After making their way through high school (twice), big changes are in store for officers Schmidt and Jenko when they go deep undercover at a local college.Wikipedia

22 Jump Street Reviews


The movie is wildly entertaining, hilarious and cleverly written...you'll have a blast.

Siladitya Ray
Hindustan Times


Those who haven't seen the previous film and those who seek the exact same thing as 21 Jump Street will film enjoyable and funny. But those looking for something completely different are out of luck as they will find the recycled plot, boring.


Watch this film for the honesty with which a mindless buddy flick is made and hopefully one would realise that it takes a lot of intelligence to play dumb.

22 Jump Street might fall slightly short of being as awesome as 21 Jump Street but it will surely leave you begging for more.PS: Stick around for the titles. You'll thank me later.


What's interesting is that directors Lord and Miller never lose sight about what they're serving up their audience - a simple and enjoyable comedy based on an old TV show (*21 Jump Street* that ran from 1987 to 1991). Here, all the veiled jokes as well as the blatant gags (Hill and Michael Bacall co-write) might even warrant a second viewing. Go for a load of laughs and stay for the end credits.

Bryan Durham
DNA India


Call a friend and drag him/her along for this one. And then watch it once more. It's one of those rare times a sequel does one better than its predecessor.

Andre Borges
DNA India


Sequels are always tricky, but the fun filled ride, experiments a whole lot in this one, and honestly that's what works. It's not like they left out the clichés​, they purposely put them in with great context, forcing you to laugh out loud. Throughout the film, you'll find references to pop-culture, and the franchise in general.

Rohit Khilnani
India Today


Don't walk out without watching the end credits. A lot of imagination has gone into it and it's worth staying back for.22 Jump Street is worth every penny spent!

Sachin Chatte
The Navhind Times


...if you are looking for entertainment then 22 Jump Street provides a decent dose of it.


Wait for the end credits, as it spoofs the whole notion of franchise, showcasing the detectives in different avatars – as med students, as veterinary students, Army school grads, even going undercover in a space school. This self-aware mockery really elevates it to another level. Go watch the film for some raucous laughter session with your mates…


Just like in the first movie, Schmidt and Jenko have one simple mission: go undercover in order to infiltrate the drug dealers and find the suppliers. With the issue of a ‘plot’ quickly out of the way, 22 Jump Street storms head-on into becoming the most bromantic movie we’ve seen.

Troy Ribeiro


With the cuss words bleeped out by the censors in India, it's a killjoy to watch the film as the overall viewing experience is marred. In spite of this, it is worth watching this no-brainer, on a wet lazy afternoon.

Aubrey D'souza


This is a funny film where the humor is defined not by what gets the most obvious laughs, but by the tongue-in-cheek wit that runs rampant. This isn’t a serious movie. You are encouraged to laugh at the way the movie industry takes itself so seriously.

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The Hindu


A street smart comedy that manages to regenerate the raucous atmosphere of the original.

Audience Reviews for 22 Jump Street

  • Dev
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    22 Jump Street Directed by Phil Lord, Christopher Miller is a bromatic movie comprised of good natured humor but not as funny as original. 22 Jump Street is the rare sequel that improves upon the original in terms of level and story.

    November 23, 14