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?: A Question Mark is a 2012 Hindi language horror film directed by Allyson Patel, Yash Dave, featuring Maanvi Gagroo, Akhlaque Khan, Yaman Chatwal, Varun Thakur in the lead roles. The film was released on February 17, 2012. This movie is from Found footage movie genre.Wikipedia

?: A Question Mark Reviews

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


'?' (Question Mark) gets shackled by too much explanation about 'spirits' and 'paranormal activity', and it could have done with more crispness, and a little less amateurishness. But as an attempt which stays true to its purpose, of providing uneasy chills, '?' (Question Mark) pretty much does its job.

Rohit Vats


It's closer to 'Paranormal Activity', especially towards the end, but then once again who is interested in watching a direct and childish copy.The film has a masterstroke in the end when it features the director's name and the screen goes black after it. people keep waiting for the end credits but it never rolls.The film definitely has scary moments but the length mars the excitement.

Percept Pictures' untitled film, known only as ? opens along the same lines as The Blair Witch Project but, unlike that hauntingly classic footage, this one doesn't quite live up to its promise.Part of the reason is the director's decision to deliberately stay away from blood-and-gore, probably to evoke more of a psychological scare than a visual one.The best that can be said for this unimaginatively titled experiment is that it attempts a new genre in an industry devoid of path-breaking technique or content.

Avijit Ghosh
Times Of India


It is sad that the film does not mention the name of the actors and technicians in its credits to emphasize on its 'fake' authenticity. Even the name of director is given as the guy who "compiled the footage". Nonetheless, go and drench yourself in fear. Couples watching the film might find themselves clinging to one another for reasons other than love.


What’s Good: A few scary scenes.What’s Bad: The screenplay which dips in the latter half; the inaudible dubbing; the excessively shaky camerawork which might put off a section of the viewers.Verdict: ? works in parts but the absence of known faces and its poor promotion will tell on its fate at the box-office.Loo break: A couple.Watch or Not?: Watch it if you are a film student.

Taran Adarsh
Bollywood Hungama


On the whole, ? is a daring attempt, but is deficient in shocks and shivers, besides being cliched and foreseeable after a point. The title [?] may've attracted your attention, but the movie doesn't in its entirety!

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