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Against the Sun

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A WWII pilot, bombardier, and radioman find themselves adrift on a lifeboat without food or water after being forced to ditch their plane during a scouting mission.Wikipedia

Against the Sun Reviews

Against The Sun is just another film about survivors of World War II. It is neither motivating nor enthralling.


It is quite a challenge to keep a film that only involves three men, a raft and the open ocean (apart from a short prologue in their airplane) engaging and involving but to his credit, Falk manages to do so, and the three actors deliver solid performances while getting completely under the sun-blistered skin of the downed pilots' characters. Definitely an inspirational tale.

When there isn’t anything else in the way of the plot, the only thing we can bank on is the characters, and the filmmaker makes them fairly interesting, and more importantly, makes us root for them.

Tanaya Ramyani


If you are fan of Tom Felton, Against the Sun is a must-watch! The actor moves over to more mature performances. Also, if you enjoy watching survival films Against the Sun is a perfect film for the long weekend.

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