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Appuchi Gramam

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A meteorite is bound towards Tamil Nadu and the experts predict it will cause destruction on a large scale. Meanwhile, the people of Appuchi Gramam, where the meteorite is expected to hit, try to come to terms with the fact in their own way.Wikipedia

Appuchi Gramam Reviews

M Suganth
Times Of India


There is hardly any conflict and the chaos, the drama and the thrills that one expects in an end-of-a-community scenario are largely absent. What we get instead are predictable resolutions to familiar conflicts — the rivals realize peace between them can help the village, the lovers find the courage to break free of social constraints and get together, the miser learns that there is more to life than money, and so on.

India Glitz


All said, 'Appuchi Gramam' looks like the first ep towards opening our eyes to scientific fiction. With a mind open to more masala than sidelined science and keen eyes to keep track of an example section of the entire village, you can encourage and laude Anand for his attempt.


Less Bradbury than Bharathiraja, but that’s part of the charm...

At a time when we are bombarded with the same old, done to death stories, Appuchi Graamam comes as a breather and works for its simple, unpretentious narration.


Appuchi Graamam is just like any other ordinary village that you will see – but an extraordinary situation, forces it to change on its head and its story when captured in a good mix of an interesting master plot, decent performances and an impressively short run time, makes for a brilliant on-screen presentation! This is one village you won’t regret visiting!!

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