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Bangalore Naatkal

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Bangalore Naatkal is a remake of the Malayalam smash hit - Bangalore Days. It's the story of three cousins - Divya, Kuttan and Arjun, fulfil their childhood dreams of relocating to Bangalore. As they embrace the warmth of the city, they also face challenges that transform their lives.Wikipedia

Bangalore Naatkal Reviews

Gautaman Bhaskaran
Hindustan Times


Despite these little pools of teardrops, Bhaskar manages to keep his movie floating on a cloud of joy de vivre. The cousins have a rollicking time in Bangalore -- often forgetting their other relationships. A few twists (predictable though) later, the ends are neatly tied up, though Kanan’s life appears a trifle stretched and hurried, much like in the case of Menon’s version.

Remakes are never easy and director Bhaskar’s Bangalore Naatkal is far from perfect, but the film does have its moments, especially for those who missed the original.

M Suganth
Times Of India


Surprisingly, this remake works to a large extent (if you haven't seen the original, even better), because the director, Bommarillu Bhaskar hasn't made any drastic change to the original script and manages to capture the emotional drama of the scenes.


The Tamil remake is poorly made in contrast— the screenplay doesn't hold your interest, some of the actors' performances are mechanical and you don't connect to the characters. The film is like a soda pop gone flat.

After watching Bangalore Naatkal, the first question that pecks the mind is that what is the need for remaking films like Bangalore Days and Premam?

Raisa Nasreen


This film is a must-watch for those who haven’t seen Anjali Menon’s Bangalore Days. With A-list actors, this multi starrer is surely a watchable affair.

Overall, this faithful remake, respects that a cinema audience can be both intelligent and mature.Go for it with your family, You will not regret!

With the exception of a few jokes, mainly in Kutty’s track, Bangalore Naatkal is a faithful remake.

Overall, despite its lively storyline, Bangalore Naatkal is let down by the treatment and casual performances.Verdict: This remake might just not sweep you off your feet

A pleasing remake that manages to recreate the essence of the original. A good ride if you haven't watched the original and a decent revisit if otherwise.

Audience Reviews for Bangalore Naatkal

  • Rocky Raja Joel
    Rocky Raja Joel
    1 review

    Aaraya and sridivya heavy didnt except a remake movie like this and rana dugubatti killedit bobby simha also??

    February 06, 16