• Mohiuddin Hussaini
    Mohiuddin Hussaini
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    I was waiting to watch this movie since it was announced. Finally got the change to catch it in 3D and wasn't impressed. I mean, if you want to just watch the movie for 3D and the action, then sure it is very good. But if you want to watch the movie because of Batman/Superman arch story, then you are going to get disappointed for big time. The movie title is Batman Vs Superman, right? But do you know how much time the two spend time fighting. Just 10 mins max. The rest of it is surge(sic). Happy to see DC Extended Universe expanding, because when you need to get away from happy go lucky Superhero's (MCU), there are always DC movies which are dark and gritty. Most of the things weren't right. Jesse Eisenberg, Beginning, Middle, Ending, Story etc.

    May 08, 16
  • Arshil
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    Batman V Superman :Dawn of Justice is directed by Sir Zack Snyder starring Henry Cavill as Superman and Ben Affleck as Batman. There are some movies like ENEMY,DRIVE,SHINING,ONLY GOD FORGIVES which won't appeal to most people during it's release because of it's high content and complete offbeat treatment.I never ever expected this kind of approach for a Superhero movie but Zack Snyder did it with DAWN OF JUSTICE, we have to thank the film makers for their bold approach. This movie completely drenches you in this atmosphere they created and the cinematography by Larry Fong is fantastic.The Script by David.S.Goyer and Chris terrio is excellent,there are many threads(subplots) in the movie which feels cohesive.This movie is not about Batman and Superman fighting this is political drama the movie is about what happens if the god is on earth and how the people receive it. The relationship between Batman and Superman worked perfectly and there are dream sequences in the movie which tells the story visually without a lot of exposition . I am loving this movie more and more as i think more of it and Jessi Eisenberg as lex luthor's character is creepy and will scared me. The score by Hans Zimmer and Junkie Xl is extraordinary. But i had very small issues like the climax's CGI and i thought the movie could have been 10 minutes longer for exposing superman's character after a disastrous incident. The character arc of Batman makes sense and it becomes a reason for forming justice league.At the end of the movie you have to ruminate the movie because we are accustomed to simple plotted exposition heavy movies and it definitely haunts your brain and heart,this movie will be sitting as a tumor in your heart we can't forget this movie. Many critics are panning this movie i can understand that but do you remember STANLEY KUBRICK'S THE SHINING was also panned by many critics during the release and slowly it found it's audience and considered as MASTERPIECE.On the whole BATMAN V SUPERMAN is one of the greatest movies i have ever seen in my life and i will be watching it again.

    March 25, 16